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Using Gliph with Fluid App for Secure Desktop IM and Messaging on Mac OS X

Gliph mobile web app in os x doc secure

Did you know that you can securely chat with friends using Gliph messaging from your desktop computer?

This blog entry explains how you can combine Gliph for the web with Fluid app to have secure IM conversation with friends and family from your desktop Mac. This is handy if you’re stuck behind a computer at work while your friends or family are out in the world on their mobile devices.

Why use Gliph Mobile Web
Gliph’s mobile web client is one of the least recognized yet differentiating aspects of the product. There aren’t many secure messaging solutions with clients supporting Android, iOS and the web concurrently. While the mobile web is built for mobile web browsers, it also works great on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Unfortunately, like most web applications, it is easy to lose the Gliph web app among all the other browser windows that you have running. This is a bummer when you need to regularly switch back and forth between a Gliph messaging or Cloaked Email and your other desktop tasks.

Enter Fluid App. Fluid helps you turn web applications, (including Gmail and Pandora) into actual applications. It does this by creating a small instance of Safari and adding a fully executable binary to your Applications folder.  Here are some instructions on how to set up and configure Fluid app for Gliph: Continue reading