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Introducing Gliph Secure Picture Messaging

iPhone 5 showing off Gliph Picture MessagingWe’re proud to announce the release of Gliph Picture Messaging. This upgrade to Gliph’s iPhone application and mobile website allow anyone with a Gliph account to send and receive free picture messages with other Gliph users.

There area lot of choices out there for Picture messaging so why use Gliph?

  1. Photo Data Security – Many parts of life are personal. If you send a private photo to a friend or family member, you should feel comfortable knowing absolutely no one else will have access to it. While that is great from a conceptual standpoint, it takes serious technology to provide people the highest assurance that their sensitive photo data is being handled responsibly.Two things stand out about how Gliph handles Picture Messaging. First, Gliph Picture Messaging uses the same military-grade data encryption technology that protects Facet information (personal data) and regular Gliph text messages. Second, we take care to remove EXIF data which can contain location, time and other revelatory information before it is sent through Gliph.
  2. Real Message Deletion – When you delete a picture message on Gliph it is deleted from your side, the recipient’s side and the server at the same time. You can remove past photos from conversations and as per our policy, they are permanently removed from Gliph.
  3. Hosted, Web-Friendly – The same technology that allows real message deletion means that you don’t have to use the iPhone app to send and receive picture messages. Drop your phone in a lake? Don’t worry about when you last did an iCloud backup, your data and photos are immediately available next time you log in.|
  4. Free! – There is no cost for this big improvement to Gliph Messaging.

How to Send Pictures and Photos on Gliph Continue reading

Introducing Gliph Browser Plugins for Privacy on Craigslist and More

Update 1/15/15: We’ve decided to retire these plugins. See this post for more information.

Today we’re unveiling the first versions of Gliph plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

These handy new extensions help you create and send new emails from your Cloaked Email addresses, and make adding privacy to Craigslist and other websites easy. If you aren’t familiar with Cloaked Email, take a moment to review this blog entry.

How to Install the Gliph Chrome Extension

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Introducing Cloaked Email Pro

Gliph Cloaked Email has been a runaway success. Thousands of people are using the service every day to protect the privacy of their email address online. Some examples we’ve heard from the Gliph community include using Cloaked Email as protection from Facebook, making Craigslist more transactional and making online dating more private.

People value Cloaked Email so highly that they don’t feel like one Cloaked Email address is enough.

We initially launched by giving one Cloaked Email address free and asking people to please invite additional users in order to earn additional addresses. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, not everyone liked that system. In fact, many people asked us for a paid option for getting more cloaks. So we’re responding to that feedback with our first for-pay Gliph release today. Continue reading

Gliph’s Bottom Line

Our goals are to help you protect your privacy and give you control over your personal data. Our team has worked to demonstrate our dedication to these goals by building and releasing free tools like LockDown Privacy Protection and secure picture messaging.

Nick and myself, the founders of the company, aspire for Gliph to become the world’s most trusted identity provider. As an important step of building trust with you and other Gliph users, we want to share how Gliph will operate as a sustainable business. Continue reading

Knight Foundation Selects Gliph as Semi-finalist for News Challenge: Mobile

Gliph Selected by Knight Foundation for Semi-finalsWe’re pleased to share that the Knight Foundation has selected Gliph’s Secure Communication Tools for Investigative Journalists project as a semi-finalist in News Challenge: Mobile.

Gliph’s proposal is to build a mobile app for secure communication between journalists and their sources. The project lets investigative journalists easily exchange cryptography keys with someone during an in-person meeting, then protect continued text communication using client-side encryption.

You can read additional details of the proposal on Knight’s website.

The benefit of this project is increased trust between journalists and sources. It gives them a simple and secure way to share sensitive information discretely. The reason this would be awesome for journalists is that Continue reading