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Tips for Talking with Your Family about Bitcoin at Thanksgiving

A drawing of a turkey holding a bitcoinApart from giving thanks for all of the positive things we’ve experienced this year, Thanksgiving is a common time for sharing ideas.

With the holiday near, we thought it might be helpful to provide tools for communicating the potential of Bitcoin with your friends and family.

The following tips are meant to help an experienced Bitcoin person have a more thoughtful discussion with loved ones about the technology. While these tips are focused on Thanksgiving, they may also be useful to people around the globe at any holiday gathering. Continue reading

Welcome Levi Luke to Gliph Customer Support

One of the most important aspects of Gliph is our Customer Support. We dedicate a great deal of attention to the specific requests of Gliph’s users.

Today, we’re excited to welcome a new member to the Gliph team, who will help us maintain and improve our customer support, Levi Luke. Gliph customer support runs the gamut of resolving problems with logging in to identifying and tracking bugs that require development work to fix.

Levi distinguished himself as a user of Gliph first, including creating the intro video for Gliph’s desktop web app. In learning more about Levi, we found he brings a variety of technical and media expertise to the team.

Levi has been helping out at Gliph for a little while now, and we feel like it is time to recognize his work.  Next time you are in the Gliph app, please consider saying hello and welcoming Levi to the team. You can simply send Support a message in-app, or you can reach him at

Please join us in welcoming Levi! You can say hello by sending a message to Gliph Support.