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Stronger International Support for Bitcoin with BIPS

BIPS International Bitcoin Wallets 12/01/13 Update: We’re sorry to say that we are no longer supporting wallet creation or attachment from BIPS and will be phasing support for the wallet from Gliph. All Gliph users will still be able to attach wallets from Coinbase and

We want Gliph to be the best way to connect and transact no matter where you live. That’s why today we’re announcing support for the Copenhagen-based BIPS Bitcoin Wallet.

BIPS is well-known for its free Bitcoin merchant solutions, but it also offers a solid Bitcoin web-wallet for individuals.

BIPS’ Bitcoin wallet supports a variety of international options for funding your wallet including direct deposits from banks in Canada and Denmark. When you need to sell Bitcoin, BIPS lets you convert Bitcoin into an impressive 45 different fiat currencies:

Countries Supported for Withdrawal on BIPS Bitcoin Wallet

Supported Fiat Currencies on BIPS

If you’re checking out Bitcoin for the first time, you can now use Gliph’s Instant Wallet Creation to get started with a wallet on BIPS. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet on BIPS, you can attach it to your Gliph account with a simple sign-in process.

No matter what Bitcoin Wallet provider you use on Gliph, you get the convenience of easily sending Bitcoin with other people using Gliph’s unique chat-based Bitcoin transfer system on iOS, Android and the Mobile Web.

We’ve had our eye on stronger international support in Gliph for some time, and are pleased extend Gliph’s Bitcoin support to BIPS’ userbase and its popularity in Europe. In July, we added a server in Ireland, so everyone in Europe should have a faster experience with Gliph overall too.

Our team has been planning to add multi-wallet since we first released Gliph with Bitcoin at the Bitcoin 2013 conference. We have some exciting ideas for deeper integration of Bitcoin into Gliph’s platform in the future and hope you start enjoying easier transactions with people across the globe today! 

In case you missed the links, you can learn about Bitcoin here, or try out Bitcoin via a BIPS wallet now on the Gliph for iPhone, Android or the Web

Update: Our cooperative press release with BIPS is now available here.

New Gliph Website / Photo Contest

We’ve published a new website for Gliph.  It includes a new design, along with flexibility to look better on mobile devices. We also updated our Help and FAQ page, and added new pages for Bitcoin and for Gliph’s Organizational Security Practices.

You’ll notice on the home page that we feature a screenshot of a Gliph messaging conversation that includes a picture message. Currently, one of Gliph’s founder’s cats is featured. We would like to open this photo to the Gliph community. For the next 10 days, we’ll take submissions of photos. After that, we’ll choose a selection to include in regular rotation on the home page. Please note, we favor cat photos.

How to submit your photo: Send the photo to the Support Gliph with the message “photo contest.”

Terms and conditions: You keep rights to the photo, and grant Gliph the right to use of the photo on the front page of Gliph’s website.