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Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights: Notes on the NTIA’s Privacy Multi-stakeholder Meetings in 2012

NTIA multi stakeholder mobile application transparency privacyThe National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has been holding regular meetings around mobile app privacy this year that could help shape how personal data is handled in mobile applications in the United States.

John Verdi (@johnverdi) is the Director of Privacy Initiatives at the NTIA and has been blogging about activities at the meetings. In his August 1st, 2012 post, he describes the July multi-stakeholder meeting as a step toward implementing the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.

This Bill of Rights is something to keep your eyes on. It was first proposed by the Obama Administration as part of a paper with the lengthy title “Consumer Data Privacy In a Networked World: A Framework for Protecting Privacy and Promoting Innovation in the Global Digital Economy.” Gliph is hosting a copy you can download here [.pdf].

In the introduction, Barack Obama quotes Justice Louis Brandeis’ dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. United States which is Americans’ “right to be let alone.” Though he counters, “…privacy is about much more than just solitude or secrecy.”

The rights advanced in the paper cover the following (bulleted paragraphs are quoted from the paper): Continue reading

Gliph Gets Message Expiration and Scheduled Message Delivery Options

schedule text message, message expiration appToday, we’ve released new messaging options for the Gliph iPhone and mobile web applications: Gliph message expiration and scheduled Gliph message delivery.

Both of these new message options appear in a new pop-over menu in the conversation view. This new menu also lets you attach images to your secure messages using Gliph secure picture messaging.

These two new options can be set without leaving the conversation view and offer greater control of how and when you communicate with other Gliph users.

Gliph Message Expiration
Sometimes, you know in advance that a message you’re about to send should be deleted after a certain period of time. For example, you may need to send a credit card number to a family member so they can order an airline ticket. Or you may need to send a photo to a friend for short-term viewing.

You could always do this safely with Gliph’s secure text messaging and real delete capability, but you had to remember to do it manually.

Set Text Message Expiration app secure delete

Gliph Message Expiration allows you to schedule a particular message for deletion at a particular time. You set the expiration time before hitting the Send button in a conversation. Once you’ve set a time for deletion, the Expiration menu item will be darkened with the color blue. You can remove expiration by hitting the minus button on minute, hour and day options until they are all zero again.

Once the expiration time occurs, the message is deleted from both sides of the conversation and the server completely. If the intended recipient does not read the message before it expires, they will never know its contentsThe expired message is not recoverable.

Gliph Message Scheduling (sent at particular time)
Schedule text message appThere are times when you want a message to be sent to another Gliph user after a given period of time. For example, maybe it is the middle of the night and you don’t want to risk waking the other person. Or perhaps they are somewhere quiet like school, church or a library where you aren’t sure their phone is silent. If you’re likely to forget to send the message later, Gliph message scheduling saves the day.

Gliph message scheduling lets you choose exactly when a particular message is to be sent to another Gliph user. You set this option using the same message options explained in the Gliph message expiration above.

Swipe and Release Message Options on iPhone
iMessage and other messaging applications typically require multiple taps to attach a photo to a message. The new Gliph iPhone app message options menu allows you to attach photos in a single swipe. Try it out: swipe up from the message option button, and release your swipe over the item you want.

This means you can go from the conversation view to taking a photo in just one swipe. You can also swipe your thumb or finger into the message scheduling and expiration options. Releasing your finger over a given option will allow you to carry out the task there.

For now, we recommend Android users use the mobile web app in order to try out these new features. We appreciate your patience in getting these into the native Android app.

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the Gliph iPhone and mobile web apps and would love to hear feedback on them. Please send a message to the Support Gliph or send us an email at