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Free Cloaks and Gliph for iPhone 1.22 Update

UPDATE: After giving away thousands of free cloaks, this promotion has ended. Please see Introducing Cloaked Email Pro for more information.

Gliph welcomed a lot of new people with the release of Cloaked Email.  We’re keeping the momentum going with some new tweaks to Cloaked Email and updates to the Gliph iPhone App.

Two Free Cloaks For Everyone
Since the launch of Cloaked Email last week, thousands of people have made Gliph a part of how they protect their privacy online.  We’ve been happy to hear stories of people using their cloaks to protect privacy on Craigslist, Apple Game Center and even while ordering tickets for a show in Las Vegas.

The Gliph community has also been swift to offer feedback on how we can improve. We heard people say they don’t want to be forced to invite friends in order to get more cloaks. Several people wrote saying we should provide a paid alternative so they wouldn’t have to ask friends to check it out.

After dozens of conversations with Gliph users on this topic and our own discussion on the Gliph team we’ve come to agree. As a step toward improvement we’re adding two additional free cloaks to each Gliph account today. Continue reading

Gliph Going International with Gliph App Descriptions

Part of the beauty of Gliph’s Artifact set of symbols is that they don’t translate into any one language. We want to extend this by taking steps that make people more comfortable learning about Gliph.

As a first step we’ve added Japanese, Swedish and French translations to the Gliph Apple App Store and Google Play descriptions. They are now online and available in the localized App Store. Apple doesn’t have App Stores that support Arabic or Hebrew, so we’ve posted these online here: Continue reading

Gliph גירסה: 1.21

Gliph iOS App Store Description Translated to Hebrew.

GLIPH  היא אפליקציית אינטרנט המאפשרת ליצור קשר עם אנשים בפרטיות ובטיחות. דוגמאות לשימוש בGLIPH היא פרסוםמסחר בקרייגסליסט (Craiglist), יצירת אי-מייל זמני אנונימי (הרשמה לאתרים) או החלפת מסרונים (SMS) מבלי לגלות את מספר הטלפון שלך.

איך זה עובד:

1. הירשם ל-GLIPH
2. צור קשר עם משתמשים אחרים.
3. תשלח SMS פרטיים (בחינם)

שירות האימייל הפרטי:

1. הירשם עם כתובת הדוא”ל שלך
2. GLIPH יצור לך כתובת אנונימית וחסויה לכתובת הדוא”ל
3. השתמש בכתובת הדוא”ל החסוי באתרים דוגמאתcraigslist  כדי לשמור על הפרטיות שלך Continue reading

اصدار: 1.21 وصف التحديث Gliph

اداة محادثة جميلة و آمنة و شخصية. إطلب Gliph و ترابط مع مستخدمين اخرين. إيميل مخفي يحمى خصوصيّتك في CraigsList و مواقع أخرى.

كيف تشتغل مراسلة
 (“claim a gliph”) Gliph إخلق حساب  –
تواصل مع مستخدم آخرفي –
 (“push-enabled”) إبعث رسائل آمنة مجانا و تمكّن طلب التحديث من قبل مزود الويب –

كيف تشتغل إيميل مخفي
تأكد عنوانك الايميل –
إخلق قناع للاستخدام على ذالك العنوان –
و مواقع آخر للحماية خصوصيّتك Craigslist إستخدم قناعك على موقع Continue reading

Gliph Hosting Seattle App Developers Privacy Summit

On the evening of September 13th from 6-9pm the Application Developers Alliance is producing an event on the changing privacy landscape at the SURF Incubator in Seattle, Washington.

We care about privacy at Gliph and want to support active discussion of how it affects software development.  If you are a developer, product manager, or interested in where mobile is headed, you may want to make plans to attend by registering for the event.  The national sponsors include TRUSTe, AT&T and Evidon

This event is part of a nation-wide set of hosted privacy events, including an August 30th event on Privacy Tools for Startups in San Francisco.  See more Apps Alliance events on their calendar page.  Below is a complete description of the Seattle event: Continue reading

Gliph iPhone App v1.21 – Cloaked Email, Improved Messaging

We are super-pumped to announce Gliph for iPhone,  v1.21. We put a lot of love into this release, delivering Cloaked Email, an improved conversation view and message deletion.

Cloaked Email
Cloaked Email is an amazing new way to protect your email address from marketers and data breaches. You can use it in place of your real email address on Craigslist and other websites. Read More…

New Conversation View UX
We’ve made some dramatic changes to Gliph messaging that we think you’re going to dig.

We started by removing the tab bar from the conversation view and moving the message entry box from the top to the bottom of the screen.  We also made it so the keyboard can be dismissed with a swipe-down motion.  Pretty cool, huh?

The design of the conversation bubbles has been updated, giving some color to the conversation.

Message Deletion / Recall
Ever accidentally sent a message to someone and wished you could get rid of it?  If you’re using Gliph, you can now permanently delete either your own or your conversation partner’s messages at any time.

In the iPhone app, simply swipe a message left-to-right and tap the Delete button.  This will permanently remove it from your device, completely delete it from the server and remove it from the other person’s device. Read More…

Login Help
You can now reset your password and get help remembering your Gliph from the iPhone app.  Not very glamorous but still important.

Introduction Slides
Gliph is a big new idea and we want the first experience on iPhone to be a good one.  We’ve created a short series of introductory slides that help explain how to get started with Gliph.  Normally, these are only viewable the first time you install the app, though if you’re curious you can view it in the Settings menu.

Ok, so what are you waiting for? Download the Gliph iPhone App Now.

Delivering Privacy: Gliph Cloaked Email

We’re excited to announce a new privacy tool we’ve built into Gliph called Cloaked Email. Cloaked Email lets you send and receive email using your normal inbox while keeping your real email address a secret.

Click hear for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Cloaked Email

Please note: Cloaked Email does not encrypt your email. It hides your real email address from the other user and allows you to block email from unwanted senders.

Continue reading

Introducing Gliph Message Deletion

Gliph is already a great way to send private and secure text messages. Starting today, we’re introducing the ability to permanently delete individual Gliph messages.

Deletion works according to these rules:

  • In any Gliph messaging conversation, either party may permanently delete individual messages at any time.
  • Deleted messages are permanently removed from Gliph.
  • There will be no indicators that a deleted message once existed.

Gliph now supports message deletion in its mobile web application and in the iPhone application (Gliph for iOS version 1.21+). For now, Android users should visit the mobile web app to delete messages.

Craigslist Survey Results: Users Want Privacy, Anonymity

Back in April we built and distributed a survey focused on people’s perspectives about privacy on Craigslist. We were able to get over 100 responses from cities across the United States. We’ve visualized the data into some simple graphs, and included some general conclusions.

Respondents were recruited from Twitter and Facebook, and the data was collected using Survey Monkey. The analysis is based on these graphs only and more data might need to be collected for a more solid conclusion.

If you haven’t tried Gliph yet, we have a beautiful mobile web implementation you can use from this very browser.  And of course, iPhone and Android versions as well. On with the data!

Communicating on Craigslist

1.  What devices do you use to access Craigslist?

What devices do you use to access Craigslist?

Continue reading