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Stuff you Can Buy Today with Bitcoin on Portland’s Craigslist

Things you can buy off craigslist with Bitcoin

Bitcoin burning a hole in your e-wallet? With a growing number of craigslist sellers stating they’ll trade in Bitcoin, we thought we’d share a fun snapshot of what you can buy on craigslist with Bitcoin in Portland, on Monday, April 8th, 2013. Prices calculated at current $184 / 1 BTC.

Item Name Price USD Price BTC Satoshi Location
Freshwater Crystal Red Shrimp $3 0.01639344 1,639,344 Battle Ground
Freshwater Blue Tiger Shrimp $8 0.04371585 4,371,585 Battle Ground
Montague Folding Mountain Bike $850 4.64480874 464,480,874 N Portland
AT&T Mobile Hotspot $100 0.54644809 54,644,809 Clackamas
Logitech 880 Harmony Remote Control $80 0.43715847 43,715,847 Oak Grove
Starbucks Verismo 585 Coffee Maker 250 1.36612022 136,612,022 Oak Grove
Schwinn S-15 Bike 169 0.92349727 92,349,727 Mcminneville
Sunlight Grow Light Controler $120 0.6557377 65,573,770 Hillsboro
Native Instruments Drum Machine $330 1.80327869 180,327,869 Beaverton
Yamaha APX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar $220 1.20218579 120,218,579 Beaverton
Kindle Keyboard $100 0.54644809 54,644,809 Portland
Nike Aero Thunder Fuse Baseball Bat $60 0.32786885 32,786,885 Corvallis

Many cities on Craigslist have stuff for sale in exchange for Bitcoin. At the time of our snapshot it appeared Los Angeles has the largest number of different sellers. Austin is distinguished in that it is the only city selling not one, but two different types of fertilized chicken eggs available in exchange for Bitcoin:

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