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New Support for, the Bitcoin Enthusiast’s Wallet does a few things very well. First, it offers some great charts, stats and other interesting information about Bitcoin transactions. But secondly has begun to shine as a rapidly growing Bitcoin wallet provider.

Today, we’re pleased to announce initial Gliph support for wallets. This means wallet holders now get the same easy Bitcoin transfer as people who use Coinbase and BIPS.

Whether you trade Bitcoin with, BIPS or Coinbase you don’t have to bother with Bitcoin wallet addresses or their representative QR codes. You just send them a connection request, and then attach Bitcoin like you would a picture message.

How to Connect your Bitcoin Wallet to your Gliph account
You must first create a wallet on the website.

Bitcoin, BIPS Coinbase, logos iphone app p2p    signin identifier password login page

  1. Tap the Bitcoin option in the Menu, and choose Use a Different Wallet.
  2. In the Choose Wallet Provider view, select the logo.
  3. Enter your identifier and your password into the sign-in page.

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Gliph Front Page Photo Contest Results

We received over a dozen submissions to our celebratory photo contest, and made the tough choice to narrow the selection to the five shown below. Each of these photos is now included in text conversation screenshot in the background of the Gliph homepage. You can rotate through them by hard-refreshing that page.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a photo!

Jackie, a pilot, shot this beautiful photo somewhere between Atlanta, Georgia and Allentown, Pennsylvania. Continue reading