New Gliph Facet: Bitcoin Wallet Address

Bitcoin Wallet Address Facet GliphWe’ve added a new Facet to Gliph accounts that lets you save and share a Bitcoin wallet address.

This means you can connect with another Gliph to discuss at transaction. If you decide to go through with it, you can use Gliph to securely share the wallet address.

New users signing up for Gliph will see “Bitcoin Address” in the list of Facets that may be bound. For existing users, you can now add a bitcoin address using the following steps:

On iPhone:
  1. In the Menu, choose Settings
  2. Tap the Edit button
  3. Scroll down to “Bind additional facets”
  4. Find “Bitcoin Address”
On the Web:
  1. In the Menu, choose Settings
  2. Tap the Change facets and sharing button
  3. Scroll down to “Blank Facets” and tap Add next to Bitcoin Address
On Android:
  1. Tap the Android menu button.
  2. Tap “Edit your facets”
  3. Scroll down to the Bitcoin Address and tap “Tap to Set”

You canĀ either type or paste in your Bitcoin wallet address into the field. If you do not immediately see the new Facet, either force close and restart the app, or log out and log back in. It will be available from that point onward.

As with all Facets, Gliph sets public visibility to the Bitcoin Wallet Address to off by default. You can still make it public, or on a user-by-user basis share that information with someone else. Also, your Bitcoin wallet address is encrypted using the same AES-256 encryption on your other facets.

If you are new to Gliph, you may want to review the company’s Privacy Policy, which explains the privacy you get around your Facet information and has a simple explanation of how your personal data, (including your Bitcoin wallet address) are handled by the company.