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Introducing GliphMe, a New Way to Connect Online

The team is pleased to announce the release of GliphMe! GliphMe is a powerful little chat system that can replace email and SMS texting. It can save you time and be used to increase your privacy online.

GliphMe lets you create a web link that anyone can use to start chatting with you on your iPhone or Android. When someone clicks one of your links and sends you a message, you will be notified by the Gliph app. You can reply immediately wherever you are from your mobile device. Gliphme is useful in a variety of cases online, and you can learn more at GliphMe’s explanation page.

How GliphMe Works with ScreenshotsGliphMe Mobile Messaging Privacy Security Menu Item
Here’s how it works: You start by creating a new GliphMe link using the menu in the Gliph iPhone, Android or web app. GliphMe appears just below the Bitcoin option.

The first time you enter the GliphMe Management view, you will see you already have one link created automatically. This link is used for invitations you send from Gliph in the recently revised Connections View. You will also see that you have the option, Create new GliphMe link. Continue reading

Cloaked Email and Craigslist: It’s Complicated

Craigslist’s newly implemented email relay service breaks proper delivery of Gliph Cloaked Email. This post explains what happened and how you can work around the issue.

What happened

Our team first debuted Cloaked Email on August 14th, 2012. We created the product in part due to our own frustration with how Craigslist handled email privacy. We performed a survey and found that we weren’t the only ones who felt this way.

Previously, when you created a Craigslist post, their system would protect your email address in the listing itself. However, if you replied to someone who had emailed you about the old stereo you were selling, it would reveal your email address.

Gliph Cloaked Email solved this problem by protecting your email address across both ways of the exchange. It also allowed you to do it directly from your own personal inbox.

Beginning in November, we noticed Craigslist began testing an “anonymized relay” aka “email-relay” that offered similar functionality to Cloaked Email. After some testing, we were able to prove that their new service did not interfere with Cloaked Email.

However, at some point this spring, without notice, Craigslist began blocking email sent using Gliph Cloaked Email addresses as it passed back through their relay service. Then the system moved from optional to required for all ad listings where email addresses are automatically included. Continue reading

Using Bitcoin on Gliph’s Updated iOS App

Today, we’re turning some surprise Bitcoin functionality on for all Gliph iPhone users. The most recent version in the App Store, version 1.47 now allows you to send Bitcoin. This entry goes over how to use Bitcoin functionality in the app.

If you haven’t, you may also want to read about why we added Bitcoin or how to use Bitcoin with the updated Gliph Android app.


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Stuff you Can Buy Today with Bitcoin on Portland’s Craigslist

Things you can buy off craigslist with Bitcoin

Bitcoin burning a hole in your e-wallet? With a growing number of craigslist sellers stating they’ll trade in Bitcoin, we thought we’d share a fun snapshot of what you can buy on craigslist with Bitcoin in Portland, on Monday, April 8th, 2013. Prices calculated at current $184 / 1 BTC.

Item Name Price USD Price BTC Satoshi Location
Freshwater Crystal Red Shrimp $3 0.01639344 1,639,344 Battle Ground
Freshwater Blue Tiger Shrimp $8 0.04371585 4,371,585 Battle Ground
Montague Folding Mountain Bike $850 4.64480874 464,480,874 N Portland
AT&T Mobile Hotspot $100 0.54644809 54,644,809 Clackamas
Logitech 880 Harmony Remote Control $80 0.43715847 43,715,847 Oak Grove
Starbucks Verismo 585 Coffee Maker 250 1.36612022 136,612,022 Oak Grove
Schwinn S-15 Bike 169 0.92349727 92,349,727 Mcminneville
Sunlight Grow Light Controler $120 0.6557377 65,573,770 Hillsboro
Native Instruments Drum Machine $330 1.80327869 180,327,869 Beaverton
Yamaha APX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar $220 1.20218579 120,218,579 Beaverton
Kindle Keyboard $100 0.54644809 54,644,809 Portland
Nike Aero Thunder Fuse Baseball Bat $60 0.32786885 32,786,885 Corvallis

Many cities on Craigslist have stuff for sale in exchange for Bitcoin. At the time of our snapshot it appeared Los Angeles has the largest number of different sellers. Austin is distinguished in that it is the only city selling not one, but two different types of fertilized chicken eggs available in exchange for Bitcoin:

Update: Hello Digg and other folks. Gliph is a technology startup based in Portland, Oregon. If this is your first time hearing about Gliph, welcome!

Gliph is a digital identity platform that lets you send secure messages and complete transactions with people.  You can download our iPhone or Android app. We also have a great mobile web application.  You can follow the company on twitter @gli_ph.

Something awesome you can do right now with Gliph is protect your email address from spammers and scammers using Cloaked Email. Try it out!

Introducing Gliph Browser Plugins for Privacy on Craigslist and More

Update 1/15/15: We’ve decided to retire these plugins. See this post for more information.

Today we’re unveiling the first versions of Gliph plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

These handy new extensions help you create and send new emails from your Cloaked Email addresses, and make adding privacy to Craigslist and other websites easy. If you aren’t familiar with Cloaked Email, take a moment to review this blog entry.

How to Install the Gliph Chrome Extension

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Delivering Privacy: Gliph Cloaked Email

We’re excited to announce a new privacy tool we’ve built into Gliph called Cloaked Email. Cloaked Email lets you send and receive email using your normal inbox while keeping your real email address a secret.

Click hear for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Cloaked Email

Please note: Cloaked Email does not encrypt your email. It hides your real email address from the other user and allows you to block email from unwanted senders.

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Craigslist Survey Results: Users Want Privacy, Anonymity

Back in April we built and distributed a survey focused on people’s perspectives about privacy on Craigslist. We were able to get over 100 responses from cities across the United States. We’ve visualized the data into some simple graphs, and included some general conclusions.

Respondents were recruited from Twitter and Facebook, and the data was collected using Survey Monkey. The analysis is based on these graphs only and more data might need to be collected for a more solid conclusion.

If you haven’t tried Gliph yet, we have a beautiful mobile web implementation you can use from this very browser.  And of course, iPhone and Android versions as well. On with the data!

Communicating on Craigslist

1.  What devices do you use to access Craigslist?

What devices do you use to access Craigslist?

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