New Gliph Website / Photo Contest

We’ve published a new website for Gliph.  It includes a new design, along with flexibility to look better on mobile devices. We also updated our Help and FAQ page, and added new pages for Bitcoin and for Gliph’s Organizational Security Practices.

You’ll notice on the home page that we feature a screenshot of a Gliph messaging conversation that includes a picture message. Currently, one of Gliph’s founder’s cats is featured. We would like to open this photo to the Gliph community. For the next 10 days, we’ll take submissions of photos. After that, we’ll choose a selection to include in regular rotation on the home page. Please note, we favor cat photos.

How to submit your photo: Send the photo to the Support Gliph with the message “photo contest.”

Terms and conditions: You keep rights to the photo, and grant Gliph the right to use of the photo on the front page of Gliph’s website.