Completing Boost VC, Gliph Raises Seed Capital, Relocates Headquarters

If you’ve been following Gliph, you may be aware that its founders temporarily relocated to San Mateo, California to participate in the Boost VC startup accelerator. For three months, our team worked almost exclusively on improving Gliph’s support for the Bitcoin virtual currency.  Once Demo Day hit, we were pleased to have built Gliph into the world’s easiest way to start using Bitcoin.

Gliph subsequently opened a Seed investment round led by Silicon Valley veteran Timothy Draper. Tim served as a mentor to Gliph during our work at Boost and has personally played an important role in bringing services like Skype, Baidu and Hotmail to the world.  Gliph also raised money from Portland’s Rogue Venture Partners, the Boost Bitcoin Fund, and follow-on investment from the Portland Seed Fund. You can learn a bit more about Gliph’s fundraising on its page on AngelList.

With increased energy and newfound support from Silicon Valley, our team began looking at a move to the San Francisco bay area. After much consideration, we chose the city of San Mateo, which lies between Palo Alto and San Francisco. San Mateo is home of a growing innovation center made up of Draper University and Hero City.

Gliph was founded in Portland, Oregon, and deciding to relocate our headquarters was not easy. However, our team is committed to helping people transact with their peers in a trusted, efficient and delightful way. We feel this relocation will help position Gliph for its best chance of success.

We want to thank Adam, Brayton, Ross and all the founders from class 2 of Boost VC for the wonderful summer session. We’re excited to have new partners in this venture, and most importantly, we look forward to taking Gliph to new heights from our new home in California.