Gliph for iPhone 1.88 and Android 1.35

This week we’re unveiling updates to both the Gliph iPhone and Android applications. The main new feature in both is GliphMe, but some extra subtle improvements are in both apps.

New Feature for iOS and Android: GliphMe
GliphMe is a powerful little link for connecting privately with friends and strangers. When someone clicks a GliphMe contact link they are presented a chat box that lets them communicate with you.

You get push notifications of the new message on your iOS device and can reply directly from the app. Read the blog entry on the feature or learn more at the GliphMe home page.

Gliph for iOS 1.88
We’ve made a variety of improvements to the Gliph app for iOS in 1.88. They include:

  • Multi-Invite capability – You can now invite multiple friends to Gliph using SMS and Email during signup or in the Connect View (Use the + button in the Activity View)
  • Connect View improved – We’ve cleaned up the view you use to add friends on Gliph.
  • iOS 7 swipe behavior – You can now swipe back from a conversation to the Activity View, which is how iOS 7 does things.
  • Easier profile setup – You can now add a few profile facets during signup for Gliph.

We also worked to squash some bugs that folks had reported. Please keep the reports coming to the Support Gliph.

  • Fixed Crasher when enabling LockDown Privacy Protection
  • Fixed emoji being cut off when shown as last message in Activity View
  • Fixed tap target area of Message Options button

Gliph for Android 1.35
Over the winter break, we completely rearchitected the Gliph Android app’s internals, allowing us to move forward with more improvements to the app. After a few bug fixes we made the following miscellaneous improvements to the app:

  • Better naming – You can now see the tag or shared First Name facet of a connection that you’re talking with in the app. This way you you don’t have to remember people’s gliphs.
  • Handle connections – We added a button in the title bar of the connections view to make it more obvious how to edit the connection.
  • Help during signup – Commonly, people have a hard time signing up on Android because so many gliphs are already taken. We’re working to improve this, in the meantime we added some text that should help a bit.

As always, we welcome feedback on the apps, particularly bugs or crashes that you’re experiencing. Please reach out to the Support Gliph if you notice something.