How to Re-attach Your Coinbase Wallet to Gliph

If you have a Coinbase Bitcoin wallet attached to your Gliph Account, and can not currently send Bitcoin, you may need to detach and re-attach it to your Gliph account.

Steps to do this using either the Gliph Mobile Web, Android or iPhone app:

  1. In the Menu, tap Settings.
  2. Under Bitcoin, tap Detach Wallet.
  3. In the Menu, tap Bitcoin.
  4. Choose Attach your Coinbase Wallet.

Steps to do this on the Gliph Desktop Web app:

  1. In the Dropdown Menu, click Account Settings.
  2. Under Bitcoin, click Detach Wallet.
  3. In the Dropdown Menu, click Bitcoin.
  4. Follow the steps to attach your Coinbase Wallet.

You can tell if your Coinbase wallet is attached properly by visiting Bitcoin from the menu. An indicator your wallet is not attached properly is that it says NaN as the current balance. It should show your current balance.

Why is this necessary?
We made some changes recently that may have invalidated some Coinbase wallet credentials. This means you may be able to receive Bitcoin over Gliph, but your account may not be able to send Bitcoin until you follow the steps above.

If you have any questions, or need additional help, please contact Support at username ‘support’ or send us an email at support at