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Cloaked Email is Going Away May 5th, 2015

We’re ending support for Cloaked Email to focus on Marketplace and the growing social community on Gliph. If you use Cloaked Email on Gliph, you must migrate to other email addresses or another email privacy service. We will end support for Gliph Cloaked Email in 60 days.

Delivery of email sent to Cloaked Email addresses will stop at 8am PST on May 5th, 2015.

Some Background
When it launched, we built Cloaked Email primarily as a way to offer greater privacy in performing Craigslist transactions. The service was so successful that Craigslist released an “email privacy gateway” only months after Cloaked Email’s debut. We believe Cloaked Email pushed Craigslist to take user privacy more seriously. Continue reading

Update Your Wallet Settings

If you want to connect your wallet to your Gliph account you may need to update some settings at The updates are easy to do:

  1. Log into your wallet using a web browser.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. In the sidebar on the left, choose IP Restrictions.
  4. Check the Checkbox for “Enable API Access”
  5. In the form field for IP Address Whitelist, add Gliph’s IP address:
  6. Hit enter and you’re done!

Here is what that page looks like once you’ve performed these steps: Continue reading

How to Re-attach Your Coinbase Wallet to Gliph

If you have a Coinbase Bitcoin wallet attached to your Gliph Account, and can not currently send Bitcoin, you may need to detach and re-attach it to your Gliph account.

Steps to do this using either the Gliph Mobile Web, Android or iPhone app:

  1. In the Menu, tap Settings.
  2. Under Bitcoin, tap Detach Wallet.
  3. In the Menu, tap Bitcoin.
  4. Choose Attach your Coinbase Wallet.

Steps to do this on the Gliph Desktop Web app:

  1. In the Dropdown Menu, click Account Settings.
  2. Under Bitcoin, click Detach Wallet.
  3. In the Dropdown Menu, click Bitcoin.
  4. Follow the steps to attach your Coinbase Wallet.

You can tell if your Coinbase wallet is attached properly by visiting Bitcoin from the menu. An indicator your wallet is not attached properly is that it says NaN as the current balance. It should show your current balance. Continue reading

Welcome Levi Luke to Gliph Customer Support

One of the most important aspects of Gliph is our Customer Support. We dedicate a great deal of attention to the specific requests of Gliph’s users.

Today, we’re excited to welcome a new member to the Gliph team, who will help us maintain and improve our customer support, Levi Luke. Gliph customer support runs the gamut of resolving problems with logging in to identifying and tracking bugs that require development work to fix.

Levi distinguished himself as a user of Gliph first, including creating the intro video for Gliph’s desktop web app. In learning more about Levi, we found he brings a variety of technical and media expertise to the team.

Levi has been helping out at Gliph for a little while now, and we feel like it is time to recognize his work.  Next time you are in the Gliph app, please consider saying hello and welcoming Levi to the team. You can simply send Support a message in-app, or you can reach him at

Please join us in welcoming Levi! You can say hello by sending a message to Gliph Support.

The Official Company Gliphs: Support and Product Updates Gliph

The first thing you notice after signing up for Gliph is that you are connected to the Support Gliph and have an open inbound connection request from the Product Updates Gliph. This entry sheds a bit of light on what these Gliphs are.

The Support Gliph
The Support GliphThe Support Gliph is the primary channel for you to ask questions, make suggestions and communicate with the company.

This account is watched by a few of our team members, and we try to reply as soon as possible. Often we answer questions posed to the Support Gliph within minutes of receiving them.

The Product Updates Gliph
Product Updates GliphWe are often releasing improvements to the Gliph platform, sometimes the changes are rather small and don’t warrant an immediate email newsletter. The Product Updates Gliph is intended as a way for us to announce minor improvements and changes to the Gliph platform.

Company newsletters, and the Gliph Twitter feed continue to be good ways to stay up-to-date on changes, but if you connect with the Product Updates Gliph, you’ll be the first to know. These updates will come in the form of Gliph Messages, and if you have Push enabled, you’ll get them right away.