Gliph Views Get Active in Version 1.2.1

We’re happy to announce the release of version 1.2.1 of the Gliph app for iPhone.  You can download the new version from the the App Store today.

Our previous release for iPhone, focused on additional privacy capabilities.  With 1.2.1, we’ve made shared personal information more accessible and useful.  Here’s how:

New Button in Conversation View
The Conversation view now has a button on the top right of the screen, “View Gliph.”

Previously, you had to go to the Connections tab and then find the contact and then tap on it to see the Gliph View.  Tapping View Gliph makes this much more convenient.

Improved Gliph View
You probably remember that Gliph protects your personal information (Facets) much more carefully than most companies.  Besides keeping both your data and your contacts’ data safe, we also want to make it useful.

The improved Gliph View now lets you take actions based on the personal information that other Gliph users share with you.

For example, imagine you’ve been Gliphing with someone from Craigslist about a bike they’re selling.  They are ready to close the deal but you want to talk on the phone first to make sure they’re legit.  So you ask them to share their phone number Facet with you.  He does, and you can now tap “View Gliph” and then tap on his phone number and call him right away.

This change helps you both control and act on information more carefully.  Once you complete the bike sale, either of you can delete the connection, erasing all text messages and the shared personal data in just a few taps.  Easy come, easy go.

Gliph View New and Improved

The improved Gliph View also makes it easy to learn more about a new contact.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve exchanged Gliphs with a someone you’ve just met in the bar.  While they are away from the table, you take a moment to look at their Gliph and notice they shared their Twitter handle with you.

Rather than fumbling around with the Twitter app, you can now tap on the Twitter Facet and view their feed directly from within the Gliph app.

Most facets now have actions.  A shared email address now lets you craft an email directly from the Gliph app.  If you’ve got the Facebook app installed, Facebook Facet will take you directly to the contact’s profile inside the Facebook mobile app.

Privacy First
As always, we keep privacy front-of-mind in designing the Gliph experience.  This means that we use prompts to keep you from doing something that might accidentally reveal your private information.  For example, if you tap a phone number, the Gliph app will ask to make sure before placing the call.

Different services keep track of visits or actions like profile views in different ways.  For example, LinkedIn will tell you who views your profile if you pay them.  To combat the potential change in how 3rd party sites treat profile views, we have designed Facet action privacy protection to be driven by our server.  This allows us to keep Facet action privacy protection updated no matter which version of the app you’re running from now and on into the future.

We hope you like this update and look forward to sharing more changes and improvements in the future.  This is going to be a great summer for Gliph, we’re glad to have you along for the ride.