Gliph Going International with Gliph App Descriptions

Part of the beauty of Gliph’s Artifact set of symbols is that they don’t translate into any one language. We want to extend this by taking steps that make people more comfortable learning about Gliph.

As a first step we’ve added Japanese, Swedish and French translations to the Gliph Apple App Store and Google Play descriptions. They are now online and available in the localized App Store. Apple doesn’t have App Stores that support Arabic or Hebrew, so we’ve posted these online here:

We’ll be adding more translations over time, and look at other ways to make Gliph understandable by everyone.  We’d like to thank the following folks for their help translating:

  • Jennifer C. for the translation to Arabic and Ala S. for review
  • S. Filion for translation into French
  • E. Sherman for the translation into Hebrew and Gil A. for review
  • I. Takehara for translation into Japanese
  • Joakim F. for the translation into Swedish