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Stronger International Support for Bitcoin with BIPS

BIPS International Bitcoin Wallets 12/01/13 Update: We’re sorry to say that we are no longer supporting wallet creation or attachment from BIPS and will be phasing support for the wallet from Gliph. All Gliph users will still be able to attach wallets from Coinbase and

We want Gliph to be the best way to connect and transact no matter where you live. That’s why today we’re announcing support for the Copenhagen-based BIPS Bitcoin Wallet.

BIPS is well-known for its free Bitcoin merchant solutions, but it also offers a solid Bitcoin web-wallet for individuals.

BIPS’ Bitcoin wallet supports a variety of international options for funding your wallet including direct deposits from banks in Canada and Denmark. When you need to sell Bitcoin, BIPS lets you convert Bitcoin into an impressive 45 different fiat currencies:

Countries Supported for Withdrawal on BIPS Bitcoin Wallet

Supported Fiat Currencies on BIPS

If you’re checking out Bitcoin for the first time, you can now use Gliph’s Instant Wallet Creation to get started with a wallet on BIPS. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet on BIPS, you can attach it to your Gliph account with a simple sign-in process.

No matter what Bitcoin Wallet provider you use on Gliph, you get the convenience of easily sending Bitcoin with other people using Gliph’s unique chat-based Bitcoin transfer system on iOS, Android and the Mobile Web.

We’ve had our eye on stronger international support in Gliph for some time, and are pleased extend Gliph’s Bitcoin support to BIPS’ userbase and its popularity in Europe. In July, we added a server in Ireland, so everyone in Europe should have a faster experience with Gliph overall too.

Our team has been planning to add multi-wallet since we first released Gliph with Bitcoin at the Bitcoin 2013 conference. We have some exciting ideas for deeper integration of Bitcoin into Gliph’s platform in the future and hope you start enjoying easier transactions with people across the globe today! 

In case you missed the links, you can learn about Bitcoin here, or try out Bitcoin via a BIPS wallet now on the Gliph for iPhone, Android or the Web

Update: Our cooperative press release with BIPS is now available here.

What Are You Sharing? Marking International Data Privacy Day with Gliph

We’d like to wish everyone a very happy 5th annual Data Privacy Day. For the fifth year in a row, the US, Canada and 27 other countries have marked January 28th as a day to “raise awareness of and generate discussion about data privacy rights and practices.”

A variety of companies and publications have released new articles or information to mark the day. Microsoft released results of a new survey of 1,000 US adults that shows privacy is becoming more important to people, yet a sense of powerlessness pervades.

In the key findings of the report, 45% of people feel they have little or no control over personal information gathered by companies about them. Below is a graphic that shows how much control people feel they have over personal information shared online: Continue reading

Gliph 2012 Press and Industry Recognition in Review

Gliph was blessed to get coverage from publications small and large over the course of the year. We appreciated the attention! Here’s a look at a portion of the coverage in roughly reverse chronological order (newest first):

Internationally, Gliph was recognized in a variety of countries and publications or media. Here is a partial list:

Gliph had a few notable social media mentions we wanted to share as well:
We had a lot of great mentions from our users on Twitter and Facebook as well. We tried to retweet folks as much as we could. If you wrote about Gliph and don’t see your blog entry or post above, please email us and we’ll add it to the list.
We’d like to thank everyone who had a hand in sharing Gliph by cable television, the web, or just by mentioning it to a friend in passing. Have a Happy New Year!

Gliph Featured on Mexico’s Televisa Fr@tal Technology Program

Gliph was featured on Televisa’s FOROtv Fr@tal television show. Fractal is “a television blog with information for young people, addressing the latest news on technology, environment, art, gadgets, design and all the news you can find on the net.”

We’ve already heard from a number of new folks who learned about Gliph from seeing the show in Mexico City and beyond. Bienvenidos a Gliph y gracias por su consideración! This news comes on the heals of our initial outreach to Gliph users around the world.

Gliph Going International with Gliph App Descriptions

Part of the beauty of Gliph’s Artifact set of symbols is that they don’t translate into any one language. We want to extend this by taking steps that make people more comfortable learning about Gliph.

As a first step we’ve added Japanese, Swedish and French translations to the Gliph Apple App Store and Google Play descriptions. They are now online and available in the localized App Store. Apple doesn’t have App Stores that support Arabic or Hebrew, so we’ve posted these online here: Continue reading

Gliph גירסה: 1.21

Gliph iOS App Store Description Translated to Hebrew.

GLIPH  היא אפליקציית אינטרנט המאפשרת ליצור קשר עם אנשים בפרטיות ובטיחות. דוגמאות לשימוש בGLIPH היא פרסוםמסחר בקרייגסליסט (Craiglist), יצירת אי-מייל זמני אנונימי (הרשמה לאתרים) או החלפת מסרונים (SMS) מבלי לגלות את מספר הטלפון שלך.

איך זה עובד:

1. הירשם ל-GLIPH
2. צור קשר עם משתמשים אחרים.
3. תשלח SMS פרטיים (בחינם)

שירות האימייל הפרטי:

1. הירשם עם כתובת הדוא”ל שלך
2. GLIPH יצור לך כתובת אנונימית וחסויה לכתובת הדוא”ל
3. השתמש בכתובת הדוא”ל החסוי באתרים דוגמאתcraigslist  כדי לשמור על הפרטיות שלך Continue reading

اصدار: 1.21 وصف التحديث Gliph

اداة محادثة جميلة و آمنة و شخصية. إطلب Gliph و ترابط مع مستخدمين اخرين. إيميل مخفي يحمى خصوصيّتك في CraigsList و مواقع أخرى.

كيف تشتغل مراسلة
 (“claim a gliph”) Gliph إخلق حساب  –
تواصل مع مستخدم آخرفي –
 (“push-enabled”) إبعث رسائل آمنة مجانا و تمكّن طلب التحديث من قبل مزود الويب –

كيف تشتغل إيميل مخفي
تأكد عنوانك الايميل –
إخلق قناع للاستخدام على ذالك العنوان –
و مواقع آخر للحماية خصوصيّتك Craigslist إستخدم قناعك على موقع Continue reading