The Official Company Gliphs: Support and Product Updates Gliph

The first thing you notice after signing up for Gliph is that you are connected to the Support Gliph and have an open inbound connection request from the Product Updates Gliph. This entry sheds a bit of light on what these Gliphs are.

The Support Gliph
The Support GliphThe Support Gliph is the primary channel for you to ask questions, make suggestions and communicate with the company.

This account is watched by a few of our team members, and we try to reply as soon as possible. Often we answer questions posed to the Support Gliph within minutes of receiving them.

The Product Updates Gliph
Product Updates GliphWe are often releasing improvements to the Gliph platform, sometimes the changes are rather small and don’t warrant an immediate email newsletter. The Product Updates Gliph is intended as a way for us to announce minor improvements and changes to the Gliph platform.

Company newsletters, and the Gliph Twitter feed continue to be good ways to stay up-to-date on changes, but if you connect with the Product Updates Gliph, you’ll be the first to know. These updates will come in the form of Gliph Messages, and if you have Push enabled, you’ll get them right away.