Gliph Front Page Photo Contest Results

We received over a dozen submissions to our celebratory photo contest, and made the tough choice to narrow the selection to the five shown below. Each of these photos is now included in text conversation screenshot in the background of the Gliph homepage. You can rotate through them by hard-refreshing that page.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a photo!

Jackie, a pilot, shot this beautiful photo somewhere between Atlanta, Georgia and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Gliph Cat named Ginger

Godfrey took this photo of Ginger, an orange boy-cat that lazes around an island in the Mediterranean.

This photo was taken in Abu Ajil in August 2008.

This kitteh is named Shiloh, and he is from Texas.

Gliph Dog photo

This beautiful doggie is named Tedy, and the photo was taken at Rome Point in Rhode Island.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!