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Adding a Chat Channel to Your SubReddit

If you want to add a chat room to your subreddit, Gliph Chat Channels are a quick and easy way to do that. Gliph has been chosen by popular subreddits over many other chat solutions because it has solid apps for iPhone, Android and a great desktop client. Gliph chat channels offer user privacy and can be customized to your theme.

Here’s how to add a Gliph Chat Channel to your Subreddit:

Step 1. Use the Create Channel Wizard

  1. Log into the Gliph Desktop Web App
  2. Click the Create Channel option in the Menu
  3. Set a Photo,  Banner and short description for your Channel and click Next. Levi made a handy photoshop template to help you get your banner size right.
  4. Share the invitation link with a friend so you know everything is good.

Step 2. Add Your Chat Channel to your Subreddit’s Sidebar

        1. Visit your Subreddit’s settings. The URL is:[YourSub]/about/edit/
        2. Customize this markdown sample code to build out your sidebar:
          **Community Resources**
          * [Triathlon Chat]([YourChannelInviteLInk]) – Chat with other Triathletes from this Subreddit from your computer or smartphone.

Example used by /r/ocd

Example used by /r/rickandmorty

Step 3. Submit a new link to your subreddit alerting people to your new chat channel.

We’re here to help! Send an email to or ‘support’ on Gliph and we’ll help you get going!

Channel Buzz: Erica Hayes of Rick and Morty AMA Transcript

Professional storyboard artist Erica Hayes joined the Rick and Morty channel on Gliph this past Saturday for a live AMA. If you weren’t able to make it to the chat, we summarized the Q&A below.

Rick and Morty is one of many chat channels on Gliph you can use to meet and connect with other people. Learn more about Gliph Channels here.


6pm PST – March 21st 2015
Tamara (Assistant to Justin Roiland): Today’s Q&A will be with Erica Hayes. One of our awesome storyboard artists on Rick and Morty! Please keep in mind NO season two questions will be answered.

Erica Hayes (Rick and Morty Artist): Hello! Thanks for having me.
Tamara: Fyi, Erica was also the artist who created “The Good Morty”
Erica Hayes: Yeah, that was fun times!

Q: EvanWas8: Do you go by Storyboard Artist Erica, Erica, or Er Bear?
A: Erica Hayes: Er-Bear is pretty cute, but Erica’s fine ^_^

Q: EvanWas8: Do you have a history with drawing comics or have you always done animation work?
A: Erica Hayes: I changed my major from animation to sequential art, so for 3 years, my primary focus was comics.

Q: Dissolve: How many storyboard artists on the team? Continue reading

Special Guest Channel Visitor: Storyboard Artist Erica Hayes – Saturday 6pm (3/21)

This Saturday, March 21st at 6pm PST, professional animation storyboard artist Erica Hayes will be hanging out in the Rick and Morty Channel on Gliph. This is a great way to meet someone who works on the show and ask questions about what it is like as a professional storyboard artist.

Join the Rick and Morty Channel now to get notified and participate on Saturday!

Channels are a new jam on Gliph.  They allow communities near and far to connect, meet other people and collaborate.

Rick and Morty is a special interest channel from a fun community we’re happy to have on Gliph. More general groups, like Fitness and Nutrition allow posting of links to items people are selling in Gliph Marketplace.

Erica has been working on the Cartoon Network hit, R&M for two seasons now. She is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design. Prior to work on Rick and Morty, she worked on Nickelodeon’s “The Penguins of Madagascar.”  We’re excited to have her come by for a visit!


Introducing Gliph Reputation

You can now set a rating for another person after you’ve completed a transaction with them using Gliph Marketplace. Ratings you’ve received from completing transactions on Gliph will now be recorded and displayed as an average on your Profile.

Reputation ratings allow you to build up credibility for your account on Gliph. You can use them to help you make a decision as to whether you trust someone before completing a transaction with them.

You must complete a transaction using a listing in Gliph Marketplace to be able to assign reputation.

This means if a Bitcoin payment is involved, you must have a Coinbase or wallet attached and use Deal Flow to make the payment.

If you already completed a transaction in Gliph Marketplace, you should already have received  an email allowing you to rate the other person or people you’ve interacted with. Transactions completed outside Gliph Marketplace will not offer a chance to set Reputation.

Gliph Profiles continue to become more useful, showing off information about another user’s Marketplace listings, Groups and Channels in common, whether they have a Bitcoin Wallet attached and now the reputation. This information is in addition to the personal data they’ve chosen to share publicly or privately with you.

Gliph profile now shows reputation, marketplace listings and groups or channels in common, along with bitcoin wallet attachment status
This is a screen capture of the current live view of Cory’s Gliph Profile.

We’re excited to see Gliph identity coming into its own with so much useful information!

We’ll be monitoring Gliph reputation to prevent abuse and we plan to increase the depth of information available over time. If you haven’t, get a move on with listing something for sale in Gliph Marketplace to begin establishing your reputation today!

Seller Spotlight: Physical Dogecoin Making by Alex

Gliph Marketplace’s continues to grow in the number and quality of items available. Today we’re focusing on Alex of Bucharest, Romania.

Check out Alex’s available Gliph Marketplace items here.

Alex sells physical Dogecoin and Bitcoin coins he makes by hand. After learning a little about his process we realized what a great story Alex has about why he uses Cryptocurrency and the view of crypto and tech in Romania. Below you’ll find a written interview with Alex along with photos of his process in creating physical Dogecoin.

Please tell us a little about yourself
I am an 17 year old guy, who’s passion is technology and sports. I am from Bucharest, the capital of Romania , a city that I hate and love at the same time.

My parents started 15 years ago in a jewelry factory. Today my father works on film props like swords, engraving and jewelry. [Ed note: Bucharest is a fairly common film location]

How did you get into bitcoin / cryptocurrency? What is your favorite part about bitcoin
My first encounter with cryptocurrency was one year ago, when a friend of mine, (a Reddit user like myself), found that “Dogecoin” thing that was at that time almost a joke. I didnt believe it until I downloaded the wallet. I love cryptocurrencys because it’s anonymous, it’s fast and easy. Everybody can use it! Continue reading

Introducing Public Discussion Groups

Today we’ve added the ability to browse and join discussion groups on Gliph!

On the web app you can now “Browse Groups,” and we’ve added the ability to view Groups the mobile web and Android from the menu.

After seeing how fun it can be to get started on Gliph and make new friends, we’ve decided to start featuring a selection of them. Some of the first groups we’re featuring are the ones that grew out of the Gliph Community. For example Bitcoin Discussion and Cat Appreciation.

One of the groups we’re excited about is Rick and Morty fansRick and Morty airs during Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network and online. The show chose the Gliph group as their official home for for real-time chat for fans.

We’re still exploring what can be done to make public groups great destinations on Gliph.

Here is a complete list of public groups available now, we’ll add more over time. If you have a group you’d like featured on the Groups page, please send a message to Support!

Featured Communities
Rick and Morty Fans
New Gliph Users Group
Cat Appreciation Continue reading

Tips for Talking with Your Family about Bitcoin at Thanksgiving

A drawing of a turkey holding a bitcoinApart from giving thanks for all of the positive things we’ve experienced this year, Thanksgiving is a common time for sharing ideas.

With the holiday near, we thought it might be helpful to provide tools for communicating the potential of Bitcoin with your friends and family.

The following tips are meant to help an experienced Bitcoin person have a more thoughtful discussion with loved ones about the technology. While these tips are focused on Thanksgiving, they may also be useful to people around the globe at any holiday gathering. Continue reading