Desktop Web App Updated with Gliph Marketplace

Today we released a big update to Gliph for Desktop Web that includes support for Gliph Marketplace, updated user profiles and other stellar enhancements!

Updated Activity Sidebar
The Activity Sidebar (left side of the web app) now shows both recent conversations and the listings you’re actively engaged with in Gliph Marketplace.

You can also Create a Listing or add People or a a Connection or Group from the sidebar.

If you click Marketplace, you’ll be taken to Marketplace Home, which lets you view current deals and past deals you’ve engaged with in Gliph Marketplace.

Buy and Sell using your Laptop or Desktop Computer
You can now create, browse and purchase items from Gliph Marketplace using your laptop or desktop computer. You can take photos and start your listing using the Gliph app for iPhone or Android then finish editing the draft and publish it from your PC.

[Create Listing Screenshot]

When someone has responded to your listing, you can chat with them using the desktop web app. This means you can easily handle the sale of your items whether you’re sitting in front of your computer or on the go.

[Deal Flow Screenshot]

The same goes with buying from Gliph Marketplace. You can browse listings, start interacting with a seller and even complete payment in just a few steps all from the new Gliph desktop web app.