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Introducing Gliph Reputation

You can now set a rating for another person after you’ve completed a transaction with them using Gliph Marketplace. Ratings you’ve received from completing transactions on Gliph will now be recorded and displayed as an average on your Profile.

Reputation ratings allow you to build up credibility for your account on Gliph. You can use them to help you make a decision as to whether you trust someone before completing a transaction with them.

You must complete a transaction using a listing in Gliph Marketplace to be able to assign reputation.

This means if a Bitcoin payment is involved, you must have a Coinbase or wallet attached and use Deal Flow to make the payment.

If you already completed a transaction in Gliph Marketplace, you should already have received  an email allowing you to rate the other person or people you’ve interacted with. Transactions completed outside Gliph Marketplace will not offer a chance to set Reputation.

Gliph Profiles continue to become more useful, showing off information about another user’s Marketplace listings, Groups and Channels in common, whether they have a Bitcoin Wallet attached and now the reputation. This information is in addition to the personal data they’ve chosen to share publicly or privately with you.

Gliph profile now shows reputation, marketplace listings and groups or channels in common, along with bitcoin wallet attachment status
This is a screen capture of the current live view of Cory’s Gliph Profile.

We’re excited to see Gliph identity coming into its own with so much useful information!

We’ll be monitoring Gliph reputation to prevent abuse and we plan to increase the depth of information available over time. If you haven’t, get a move on with listing something for sale in Gliph Marketplace to begin establishing your reputation today!

Gliph Chat Channels – Discuss Topics that Matter to You

We’ve been excited to see the growth of public discussion groups and are graduating them to a new jam on Gliph called “channels.”

What Existing Channels are Available?
You can view and join channels currently available by logging in to the Desktop Web, mobile web or Android applications and tapping View Channels. A complete list of channels available at the time of this writing are at the bottom of this blog entry!

Special Features of Channels
We’ve already begun adding features unique to channels on Gliph:

  • Channels allow the creator or ‘admin’ to choose and promote moderators who can delete messages by any other member of the channel and if necessary kick out a misbehaving member.
  • Channels have a special wizard that allows you to quickly setup and add friends. This wizard also lets you import a list of email contacts to your channel with a single copy-paste.
  • Channels may be joined during signup by new users on Gliph and can be cross-promoted using “related-channels.” Gain new members over time. Admins choose when a channel gets listed in Gliph’s Channel Directory.
  • Channels may show a related listing from Gliph Marketplace. This allows admins and moderators to promote particular items they’re selling to all members of the channel.

All of these features are available today in Gliph for Desktop web and will be making their way to the mobile apps.

Use the Create Channel Wizard
Channels are especially fun with a mix of people you know and those you don’t. Here’s how to get a channel started: Continue reading

Seller Spotlight: Physical Dogecoin Making by Alex

Gliph Marketplace’s continues to grow in the number and quality of items available. Today we’re focusing on Alex of Bucharest, Romania.

Check out Alex’s available Gliph Marketplace items here.

Alex sells physical Dogecoin and Bitcoin coins he makes by hand. After learning a little about his process we realized what a great story Alex has about why he uses Cryptocurrency and the view of crypto and tech in Romania. Below you’ll find a written interview with Alex along with photos of his process in creating physical Dogecoin.

Please tell us a little about yourself
I am an 17 year old guy, who’s passion is technology and sports. I am from Bucharest, the capital of Romania , a city that I hate and love at the same time.

My parents started 15 years ago in a jewelry factory. Today my father works on film props like swords, engraving and jewelry. [Ed note: Bucharest is a fairly common film location]

How did you get into bitcoin / cryptocurrency? What is your favorite part about bitcoin
My first encounter with cryptocurrency was one year ago, when a friend of mine, (a Reddit user like myself), found that “Dogecoin” thing that was at that time almost a joke. I didnt believe it until I downloaded the wallet. I love cryptocurrencys because it’s anonymous, it’s fast and easy. Everybody can use it! Continue reading

3 Cool Items in Gliph Marketplace for Under $10

We’ve seen quite a variety of new items show up in Gliph Marketplace over the past week, and wanted to draw your attention a few lower cost items available.

Handmade Wood Beard Combs from Ukraine
New Marketplace seller Yarik has listed two types of handmade wood combs from Ukraine. The combs are made out of Bass wood and Beechwood, which is sourced from the Carpathian Mountains in eastern Europe. 

Cat Lovers Nail Decals
New Marketplace seller Angela Dufour of New Brunswick, Canada has listed a few different slide-on nail decals in the Marketplace. These ship for free and are easy to apply.

Handmade Physical Dogecoins
Wow. Much coin. These coins are hand made in Romania and are made out of tin and plated with copper. They are perfect for fans of the only cryptocurrency to have sponsored the Jamaica Bobsled Olympics Team.

You can now browse all Gliph Marketplace listings on Desktop web here.

Gliph 2.0 iPhone App Released – Marketplace Update

Gliph for iOS 2.0 - Gliph Marketplace P2P Bitcoin iPhoneWe’re happy to announce the release of Gliph 2.0 for iPhone.

Gliph Marketplace
For the first time, you can now create, browse and purchase items from Gliph Marketplace from the Gliph iPhone app.

Using cash or Bitcoin to complete a P2P transaction has never been easier! You can chat directly with a buyer or seller, make an offer or leave a deal with ease. Push notifications keep you informed of deal progress.

If you want to pay or be paid in Bitcoin for a listing, just connect your Coinbase or wallet to your Gliph Account. (Use Bitcoin in the menu)

Updated Activity View
Gliph for iOS 2.0 includes an updated color set and improves the usability of the app. By default, the app is brighter to look at, and +People button has been added to clarify how to add friends or create Groups.

The updated Activity view makes it easy to see items you’re buying or selling in Gliph Marketplace. Listings you’re actively working with are shown right above your conversations. Once you’ve completed or left a deal, these are moved back out of the activity view.

Dark Color Mode
Gliph iOS 2.0 Dark Mode
In Settings you can now enable a “Dark Mode” which turns the title bar black across the entire app.

This subtle change to the look of the app may be attractive if you want to keep a low profile and aren’t big on the new brighter default look of Gliph.

Note, you will need to restart the app after changing this setting for it to take effect. Continue reading

Desktop Web App Updated with Gliph Marketplace

Today we released a big update to Gliph for Desktop Web that includes support for Gliph Marketplace, updated user profiles and other stellar enhancements!

Updated Activity Sidebar
The Activity Sidebar (left side of the web app) now shows both recent conversations and the listings you’re actively engaged with in Gliph Marketplace.

You can also Create a Listing or add People or a a Connection or Group from the sidebar.

If you click Marketplace, you’ll be taken to Marketplace Home, which lets you view current deals and past deals you’ve engaged with in Gliph Marketplace.

Buy and Sell using your Laptop or Desktop Computer
You can now create, browse and purchase items from Gliph Marketplace using your laptop or desktop computer. You can take photos and start your listing using the Gliph app for iPhone or Android then finish editing the draft and publish it from your PC. Continue reading

Introducing Gliph Marketplace

Today marks an important expansion of Gliph with the release of Gliph Marketplace: a new way to buy and sell locally using cash and the Bitcoin digital currency.

Our team has brought together secure messaging, transaction workflow and digital payments into an awesome new P2P transaction experience we call Deal Flow.

  • Deal Flow helps you stay focused on completing a deal by integrating messaging and useful push notifications into the buying and selling experience. Gliph Marketplace has privacy built-in eliminating the distraction of “burner” phone numbers and “email gateways.”
  • Deal Flow saves you time with intuitive listing status updates. For example, when someone is ready to buy something from you, the status moves from “Q&A” to “Offer Submitted.” Deal status updates ensure you have the most recent information so you can make the best decision with your time.
  • Deal Flow earns you money faster by making digital payments an integrated part of the Gliph Marketplace experience. Once you’ve accepted an offer, paying for the item using Bitcoin is handled in a single tap.

You can view a complete video demo of Gliph Marketplace and Deal Flow here:

Continue reading

Gliph Marketplace Featured Seller: Sam Roloff

From time to time, we’ll highlight sellers and listings from Gliph Marketplace. At the debut, we’re happy to highlight the listings of Portland-area artist, Sam Roloff.

Sam Roloff was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and eventually graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992. Journeys through Central America eventually landed Sam in Prague, Czech Republic where he ran a gallery and developed his talent for figurative works.

Portland, Oregon artist, Sam Roloff

Portland, Oregon artist, Sam Roloff

Continue reading