3 Cool Items in Gliph Marketplace for Under $10

We’ve seen quite a variety of new items show up in Gliph Marketplace over the past week, and wanted to draw your attention a few lower cost items available.

Handmade Wood Beard Combs from Ukraine
New Marketplace seller Yarik has listed two types of handmade wood combs from Ukraine. The combs are made out of Bass wood and Beechwood, which is sourced from the Carpathian Mountains in eastern Europe. 

Cat Lovers Nail Decals
New Marketplace seller Angela Dufour of New Brunswick, Canada has listed a few different slide-on nail decals in the Marketplace. These ship for free and are easy to apply.

Handmade Physical Dogecoins
Wow. Much coin. These coins are hand made in Romania and are made out of tin and plated with copper. They are perfect for fans of the only cryptocurrency to have sponsored the Jamaica Bobsled Olympics Team.

You can now browse all Gliph Marketplace listings on Desktop web here.