Cloaked Email is Going Away May 5th, 2015

We’re ending support for Cloaked Email to focus on Marketplace and the growing social community on Gliph. If you use Cloaked Email on Gliph, you must migrate to other email addresses or another email privacy service. We will end support for Gliph Cloaked Email in 60 days.

Delivery of email sent to Cloaked Email addresses will stop at 8am PST on May 5th, 2015.

Some Background
When it launched, we built Cloaked Email primarily as a way to offer greater privacy in performing Craigslist transactions. The service was so successful that Craigslist released an “email privacy gateway” only months after Cloaked Email’s debut. We believe Cloaked Email pushed Craigslist to take user privacy more seriously.

Many people, including our team continue to use Cloaked Email to offer a layer of privacy between themselves and websites and services across the internet. We recognize it is a valuable service for some people today.

Gliph has evolved from simply providing general privacy tools to offering privacy around performing transactions. With the release of Gliph Marketplace and Deal Flow, we’ve removed email completely from negotiating P2P deals without sacrificing privacy.

To allow our team to focus on the future, we’re ending support for Cloaked Email.

How to Migrate Away from Cloaked Email

  1. Visit the email account you use in conjunction with Cloaked Email.
  2. Search your email for “”
  3. Note the individuals or services you’ve received email from using a cloak.
  4. Log into the service you’ve used Cloaked Email with and change your email address to a new one.

Alternatives to Cloaked Email
Create Privacy Email Address on a Free Email Provider
Create a new Gmail address and use it exclusively for sites you don’t want to know your real name or your primary inbox. Hook this up to your “All” inbox on your smartphone for conveneint reception.

Use Abine’s “Masking” tool 
Abine is a company entirely focused on providing privacy around email and other forms data. They support a product very similar to Cloaked Email.