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Channel Buzz: Erica Hayes of Rick and Morty AMA Transcript

Professional storyboard artist Erica Hayes joined the Rick and Morty channel on Gliph this past Saturday for a live AMA. If you weren’t able to make it to the chat, we summarized the Q&A below.

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6pm PST – March 21st 2015
Tamara (Assistant to Justin Roiland): Today’s Q&A will be with Erica Hayes. One of our awesome storyboard artists on Rick and Morty! Please keep in mind NO season two questions will be answered.

Erica Hayes (Rick and Morty Artist): Hello! Thanks for having me.
Tamara: Fyi, Erica was also the artist who created “The Good Morty”
Erica Hayes: Yeah, that was fun times!

Q: EvanWas8: Do you go by Storyboard Artist Erica, Erica, or Er Bear?
A: Erica Hayes: Er-Bear is pretty cute, but Erica’s fine ^_^

Q: EvanWas8: Do you have a history with drawing comics or have you always done animation work?
A: Erica Hayes: I changed my major from animation to sequential art, so for 3 years, my primary focus was comics.

Q: Dissolve: How many storyboard artists on the team? Continue reading