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Channel Buzz: Erica Hayes of Rick and Morty AMA Transcript

Professional storyboard artist Erica Hayes joined the Rick and Morty channel on Gliph this past Saturday for a live AMA. If you weren’t able to make it to the chat, we summarized the Q&A below.

Rick and Morty is one of many chat channels on Gliph you can use to meet and connect with other people. Learn more about Gliph Channels here.


6pm PST – March 21st 2015
Tamara (Assistant to Justin Roiland): Today’s Q&A will be with Erica Hayes. One of our awesome storyboard artists on Rick and Morty! Please keep in mind NO season two questions will be answered.

Erica Hayes (Rick and Morty Artist): Hello! Thanks for having me.
Tamara: Fyi, Erica was also the artist who created “The Good Morty”
Erica Hayes: Yeah, that was fun times!

Q: EvanWas8: Do you go by Storyboard Artist Erica, Erica, or Er Bear?
A: Erica Hayes: Er-Bear is pretty cute, but Erica’s fine ^_^

Q: EvanWas8: Do you have a history with drawing comics or have you always done animation work?
A: Erica Hayes: I changed my major from animation to sequential art, so for 3 years, my primary focus was comics.

Q: Dissolve: How many storyboard artists on the team? Continue reading

Special Guest Channel Visitor: Storyboard Artist Erica Hayes – Saturday 6pm (3/21)

This Saturday, March 21st at 6pm PST, professional animation storyboard artist Erica Hayes will be hanging out in the Rick and Morty Channel on Gliph. This is a great way to meet someone who works on the show and ask questions about what it is like as a professional storyboard artist.

Join the Rick and Morty Channel now to get notified and participate on Saturday!

Channels are a new jam on Gliph.  They allow communities near and far to connect, meet other people and collaborate.

Rick and Morty is a special interest channel from a fun community we’re happy to have on Gliph. More general groups, like Fitness and Nutrition allow posting of links to items people are selling in Gliph Marketplace.

Erica has been working on the Cartoon Network hit, R&M for two seasons now. She is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design. Prior to work on Rick and Morty, she worked on Nickelodeon’s “The Penguins of Madagascar.”  We’re excited to have her come by for a visit!


Tips for Talking with Your Family about Bitcoin at Thanksgiving

A drawing of a turkey holding a bitcoinApart from giving thanks for all of the positive things we’ve experienced this year, Thanksgiving is a common time for sharing ideas.

With the holiday near, we thought it might be helpful to provide tools for communicating the potential of Bitcoin with your friends and family.

The following tips are meant to help an experienced Bitcoin person have a more thoughtful discussion with loved ones about the technology. While these tips are focused on Thanksgiving, they may also be useful to people around the globe at any holiday gathering. Continue reading

This New Gas Pump Lets You Pay with Bitcoin

Sit back and imagine a future where you pull up to a pump and pay for your gas using Bitcoin. This vision may be closer than you think. Thermo dynamics researcher, Bitcoin enthusiast and DIY pro, Andy Schroder, has just created the world’s first commercial-ready Bitcoin fuel pump.

Schroder built the machine from scratch, integrating components that would handle Bitcoin’s specific requirements, offer solid uptime and work within the national standards for dispensing fuel commercially.

From a distance, Schroder’s fuel pump looks like one you would find at a mom and pop style gas station; the size is a bit shorter than what you’d normally see at a 76 station today. But the small-town sentiment ends when you walk up to the machine.

The digital display on the front shows the current milli-Bitcoin-based market-rate for fuel at the time of purchase. Getting a fill-up is easy if you Continue reading