Gliph Hosting Seattle App Developers Privacy Summit

On the evening of September 13th from 6-9pm the Application Developers Alliance is producing an event on the changing privacy landscape at the SURF Incubator in Seattle, Washington.

We care about privacy at Gliph and want to support active discussion of how it affects software development.  If you are a developer, product manager, or interested in where mobile is headed, you may want to make plans to attend by registering for the event.  The national sponsors include TRUSTe, AT&T and Evidon

This event is part of a nation-wide set of hosted privacy events, including an August 30th event on Privacy Tools for Startups in San Francisco.  See more Apps Alliance events on their calendar page.  Below is a complete description of the Seattle event:

We’re providing the beer, pizza, and privacy experts. You provide the conversation.

Developers are in the crosshairs of a nationwide explosion of lawmaking. Legislators and regulators are making decisions about software privacy that will make your work more difficult, and this is your opportunity to make your voice heard. Anyone who writes software — no matter the language or platform — must understand the issues and take the lead in the discussion to ensure privacy protections are effective but do not impede growth in the business of creating software.

That’s why we’re bringing the privacy conversation to developers in cities across the U.S. The series will include conversations guided by discussion leaders to help developers better understand the changing privacy landscape and give them a voice in the dialogue. This isn’t a heavy event, it’s a conversation led by and for developers which is why we’re also providing a fully stocked happy hour. Because we know even the biggest challenges can be solved over a few beers (just not too many).

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