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Bitcoin 2013 Conference Roundup

Gliph had a strong presence at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, California in May and we’re just now sharing some of the media and story of the event.

Gliph Co-Founder Nicholas Asch and Gliph iOS Developer Joakim Fernstad in our freshly laid out booth at Bitcoin 2013. (It featured beanbag chairs and foliage)

The company first got involved when your blogger and co-founder (Rob Banagale) accepted a panelist spot on the Law Enforcement and Financial Privacy track at the conference. At this time our development team was working feverishly on the first release of the Bitcoin integration into Gliph.

Wanting to do something special for the earliest and most core Bitcoin adopters, we created custom Bitcoin branded merchandise for the event. This included hats and hooded sweatshirts embroidered with a great looking Bitcoin logo. We sold these for Bitcoin at our booth.

We did our release on Friday, May 17th, which included a feature article in PandoDaily. That article was written by Erin Griffith and included our news of joining the Boost VC startup accelerator. Continue reading

What Are You Sharing? Marking International Data Privacy Day with Gliph

We’d like to wish everyone a very happy 5th annual Data Privacy Day. For the fifth year in a row, the US, Canada and 27 other countries have marked January 28th as a day to “raise awareness of and generate discussion about data privacy rights and practices.”

A variety of companies and publications have released new articles or information to mark the day. Microsoft released results of a new survey of 1,000 US adults that shows privacy is becoming more important to people, yet a sense of powerlessness pervades.

In the key findings of the report, 45% of people feel they have little or no control over personal information gathered by companies about them. Below is a graphic that shows how much control people feel they have over personal information shared online: Continue reading

Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights: Notes on the NTIA’s Privacy Multi-stakeholder Meetings in 2012

NTIA multi stakeholder mobile application transparency privacyThe National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has been holding regular meetings around mobile app privacy this year that could help shape how personal data is handled in mobile applications in the United States.

John Verdi (@johnverdi) is the Director of Privacy Initiatives at the NTIA and has been blogging about activities at the meetings. In his August 1st, 2012 post, he describes the July multi-stakeholder meeting as a step toward implementing the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.

This Bill of Rights is something to keep your eyes on. It was first proposed by the Obama Administration as part of a paper with the lengthy title “Consumer Data Privacy In a Networked World: A Framework for Protecting Privacy and Promoting Innovation in the Global Digital Economy.” Gliph is hosting a copy you can download here [.pdf].

In the introduction, Barack Obama quotes Justice Louis Brandeis’ dissenting opinion in Olmstead v. United States which is Americans’ “right to be let alone.” Though he counters, “…privacy is about much more than just solitude or secrecy.”

The rights advanced in the paper cover the following (bulleted paragraphs are quoted from the paper): Continue reading

Gliph Hosting Seattle App Developers Privacy Summit

On the evening of September 13th from 6-9pm the Application Developers Alliance is producing an event on the changing privacy landscape at the SURF Incubator in Seattle, Washington.

We care about privacy at Gliph and want to support active discussion of how it affects software development.  If you are a developer, product manager, or interested in where mobile is headed, you may want to make plans to attend by registering for the event.  The national sponsors include TRUSTe, AT&T and Evidon

This event is part of a nation-wide set of hosted privacy events, including an August 30th event on Privacy Tools for Startups in San Francisco.  See more Apps Alliance events on their calendar page.  Below is a complete description of the Seattle event: Continue reading

Gliph Wins Privacy Identity Innovation, Innovators Choice Award

It was a great honor to be selected for an Innovators Choice Award at the Privacy Identity and Innovation conference in Seattle, Washington.  Pii2012 had some of the foremost authorities on privacy and digital identity in the audience, and was so popular that the event completely sold out.

We went up against eight different companies for the Innovators Spotlight, and while there was some strong competition, none of them quite hit on the specific issues being discussed at the conference:  how do you protect the privacy of user data, how do you offer privacy controls in an enjoyable user experience?  What does the future of digital identity look like?


While winning the award was a great validation of the work we’re doing and we’re excited about the people we met as well.  While a privacy conference isn’t exactly “cool” in mainstream news today, you could tell that this niche space is going to be ballooning.

We’d like to give a special thanks to the conference organizer, Natalie Fonseca.  She did an excellent job putting the event together and we are grateful for the opportunity to have participated.  Natalie, you rock!

Gliph on Tour

The Gliph team was on a roadshow throughout March and April, presenting at a variety of conferences and events.  Each event offered an opportunity to tell the Gliph story.  Here’s a quick overview of the two exciting events we participated in:

Seattle Beta

Seattle Beta is a private event organized by Beta Ltd that combines a lively bar atmosphere at Spitfire Grill with startup demos and an audience-choice award.  Twenty companies demonstrated their products, including Gliph.    We were excited to not only walk away with the People’s Choice Award, but also get noticed by Twilio for our demo of Gliph-to-Gliph calling.  You can view our gallery of photos from the event on our Gliph Facebook page.

MIT Enterprise Forum

The MIT Enterprise Forum is an opportunity to showcase your startup in front of investors, other entrepreneurs and influential folks in the Seattle technology scene.  After passing the screening committee in mid-April, Gliph went on to do a live demo on the 26th.  A full-length copy of the demo was recorded on video and is available below.

We ended up taking second place at MIT Enterprise Forum, and meeting a bunch of interesting folks ta-boot.  We’ll probably have more public events where you can meet up with Gliph.  Please keep an eye on our Twitter feed for the heads-up!