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Craigslist Survey Results: Users Want Privacy, Anonymity

Back in April we built and distributed a survey focused on people’s perspectives about privacy on Craigslist. We were able to get over 100 responses from cities across the United States. We’ve visualized the data into some simple graphs, and included some general conclusions.

Respondents were recruited from Twitter and Facebook, and the data was collected using Survey Monkey. The analysis is based on these graphs only and more data might need to be collected for a more solid conclusion.

If you haven’t tried Gliph yet, we have a beautiful mobile web implementation you can use from this very browser.  And of course, iPhone and Android versions as well. On with the data!

Communicating on Craigslist

1.  What devices do you use to access Craigslist?

What devices do you use to access Craigslist?

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