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Adding a Chat Channel to Your SubReddit

If you want to add a chat room to your subreddit, Gliph Chat Channels are a quick and easy way to do that. Gliph has been chosen by popular subreddits over many other chat solutions because it has solid apps for iPhone, Android and a great desktop client. Gliph chat channels offer user privacy and can be customized to your theme.

Here’s how to add a Gliph Chat Channel to your Subreddit:

Step 1. Use the Create Channel Wizard

  1. Log into the Gliph Desktop Web App
  2. Click the Create Channel option in the Menu
  3. Set a Photo,  Banner and short description for your Channel and click Next. Levi made a handy photoshop template to help you get your banner size right.
  4. Share the invitation link with a friend so you know everything is good.

Step 2. Add Your Chat Channel to your Subreddit’s Sidebar

        1. Visit your Subreddit’s settings. The URL is: http://www.reddit.com/r/[YourSub]/about/edit/
        2. Customize this markdown sample code to build out your sidebar:
          **Community Resources**
          * [Triathlon Chat]([YourChannelInviteLInk]) – Chat with other Triathletes from this Subreddit from your computer or smartphone.

Example used by /r/ocd

Example used by /r/rickandmorty

Step 3. Submit a new link to your subreddit alerting people to your new chat channel.

We’re here to help! Send an email to support@gli.ph or ‘support’ on Gliph and we’ll help you get going!