Introducing Cloaked Email Pro

Gliph Cloaked Email has been a runaway success. Thousands of people are using the service every day to protect the privacy of their email address online. Some examples we’ve heard from the Gliph community include using Cloaked Email as protection from Facebook, making Craigslist more transactional and making online dating more private.

People value Cloaked Email so highly that they don’t feel like one Cloaked Email address is enough.

We initially launched by giving one Cloaked Email address free and asking people to please invite additional users in order to earn additional addresses. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, not everyone liked that system. In fact, many people asked us for a paid option for getting more cloaks. So we’re responding to that feedback with our first for-pay Gliph release today.

How Much Does It Cost?
You can now optionally purchase additional Cloaked Email addresses individually or as a bundle. Here are the packages and pricing:

  • 1 Cloak: $2.99
  • 3 Cloak bundle: $4.99
  • 25 Cloak bundle: $14.99

Each Cloaked Email address you purchase works forever, and will not require additional payments to keep alive. However, each time you discard a cloak, it is gone for good and you must either purchase or earn a replacement.

Enable Outbound Attachments 

We’re including the option to upgrade your Gliph send attachments over Cloaked Email for $4.99. For example, imagine you are using a Cloaked Email address on Craigslist and need to send an additional photo to a potential buyer.

Once you’ve upgraded your account, this is permanent, and all existing and future Cloaked Email addresses you use will have the ability to include attachments.

You can use file attachments in reply to emails, or when sending a new email from the mobile web app or using one of the Gliph browser plugins. Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll see after you upgrade:

File attachments with Cloaked Email

How Can I Pay?
Cloaked Email Professional Payment Options ScreenshotWe have two options for paying. The first is in the iPhone application, which allows you to use Apple’s in-app purchasing with your Apple ID. You’ll find the option to pay under Cloaked Email -> Get More Cloaks.

For Android, Blackberry and Mobile Web users, we have a web payment system that lets you pay by Credit Card. All of those transactions are processed via Stripe payments.

What about the Invite System?
Gliph is still in its early stages of growth and we want you to get great value out of inviting new people. As a result, we are keeping our 1 free cloak per successful invite in place. We’re also continuing to allow you to enable attachments for free by getting five people to join the site.

We’re also returning the number of free cloaks given to each new Gliph user down to one cloak. We think that one permanent, free Cloaked Email address is enough to see the value of what we’ve worked to create. We’re proud to say that as a thank you for being an early adopter of Gliph, all existing users will retain the free additional cloaks they got.

Why support Gliph?
Beyond the real value you get out of Cloaked Email, each time you spend money at Gliph you are supporting a company that puts the highest value on your privacy. We will continue to release free and paid features that help you connect with others more safely.

Supporting the company with a purchase helps our team pay costs of maintaining Gliph. It is also shows you support the work we’re doing. It allows us to confidently continue building privacy services and secure communication tools for people around the world.

We would love to hear from you. Please send the support gliph, [wrench, pencil, heart] a message or email us at