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Gliph Joins Boost VC Startup Accelerator

Gliph joins Boost VC Startup AcceleratorWe are happy to announce that Gliph has joined the Boost VC startup accelerator. Gliph will join around a dozen other companies in a business incubation that includes mentorship, seed capital and a heavy focus on product development.

Beginning late June, Gliph’s founders (Rob and Nick) will relocate to Boost’s provided housing and office space in San Mateo, California. There we will join a group of startups specifically focused on the Bitcoin digital currency. The team will be working throughout the summer to refine the Gliph experience and further integrate Bitcoin into Gliph’s digital identity platform.

We chose Boost because founders Adam Draper and Brayton Williams have shown themselves to be early advocates for the Bitcoin currency. They’ve also put together a stellar program for startups that is a great fit for Gliph’s stage as a company. Continue reading

Introducing Cloaked Email Pro

Gliph Cloaked Email has been a runaway success. Thousands of people are using the service every day to protect the privacy of their email address online. Some examples we’ve heard from the Gliph community include using Cloaked Email as protection from Facebook, making Craigslist more transactional and making online dating more private.

People value Cloaked Email so highly that they don’t feel like one Cloaked Email address is enough.

We initially launched by giving one Cloaked Email address free and asking people to please invite additional users in order to earn additional addresses. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, not everyone liked that system. In fact, many people asked us for a paid option for getting more cloaks. So we’re responding to that feedback with our first for-pay Gliph release today. Continue reading

Trying to Stay Dry at SXSW

Some unusual weather has struck SXSW, with heavy rain and low 50s temperatures striking throughout the day today.  Our team has been working to handle the unexpected downpours.  We put together this video to show just how bad the weather is and go over what we’re doing.

We are planning to charge smartphones throughout SXSW. Keep an eye on our twitter feed and come by to visit us at:

Gliph Charge Cart
400 N. Congress
Austin, TX 78701

Gliph Launch at SXSW

We’re very pleased to announce that Gliph will be officially launching at SXSW 2012!  We’ve been working to put together something to help all Gliph attendees connect with each other and take away a unique experience.

We’ve created a Gliph press page with more information about what we have going on.  Also, keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates throughout SXSW Interactive and Music.

Gliph Selected by Portland Seed Fund

We’re pleased to announce that we have received seed funding from the Portland Seed Fund!  The PSF is a startup accelerator offering seed money, mentorship and a network of other companies seeking to do build something great.  Two awesome companies from PSF class one include Vizify and Geoloqi.

We are very proud to be joining a collection of other great startups from the Portland area.  Here are some links to learn more about the announcement:

Winter Gliph Retreat

The Gliph team went on a work retreat this past weekend to Bellingham, Washington.  My co-founder, Nick Asch flew in from his current location in Montreal, Canada. Our designer, Ben Cerezo and I drove up to to Seattle and picked up our mobile developers, Joakim and Eric.  After some supply gathering, we made way to a sweet cabin overlooking Lake Whatcom.

We spent the most weekend focusing on what we are creating and why.  It was important for us to all discuss in person how we felt about personal privacy and how we could help people communicate and connect with each other.  Most of our sessions were led by Ben, and they involved many Post-It notes.

The photos tell the story:

Continue reading