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Using Bitcoin on Gliph’s Updated Android App

Today we’ve released version 1.1 of the Gliph Android application to Google Play. Our Android users have been very patient in waiting for updates, and today marks solid progress. This entry covers both the updates and how to use the new Bitcoin functionality in the app. You may enjoy the demo video of how awesome Bitcoin can be on Gliph available here.

What’s New: Visual Updates
Gliph Android Bitcoin Update Screenshot appGliph for Android 1.1 catches up with the mobile web and iPhone application in a number of areas. First, we’ve updated the Activity View to show the actual tags of the connections you’re talking with instead of the Gliphs themselves. The conversation view has been touched up, also bringing connection tag, first name or pseudonym facets into view, rather than the Gliph.

While we love the Gliphs, and know some people use them as their central identifier for other people, we have also gotten feedback that it is hard to keep track of who is who when you have many contacts. So now there is more consistent styling across iOS, Android and the web.

What’s New: Image Viewing
While we weren’t able to get image attach into this update, you can at least now view image thumbnails sent by your web using and iOS using connections. We hope to get uploading into an upcoming update. Continue reading

Gliph Joins Boost VC Startup Accelerator

Gliph joins Boost VC Startup AcceleratorWe are happy to announce that Gliph has joined the Boost VC startup accelerator. Gliph will join around a dozen other companies in a business incubation that includes mentorship, seed capital and a heavy focus on product development.

Beginning late June, Gliph’s founders (Rob and Nick) will relocate to Boost’s provided housing and office space in San Mateo, California. There we will join a group of startups specifically focused on the Bitcoin digital currency. The team will be working throughout the summer to refine the Gliph experience and further integrate Bitcoin into Gliph’s digital identity platform.

We chose Boost because founders Adam Draper and Brayton Williams have shown themselves to be early advocates for the Bitcoin currency. They’ve also put together a stellar program for startups that is a great fit for Gliph’s stage as a company. Continue reading

Gliph is Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

We’re pleased to share that we now accept Bitcoin as a payment method for Gliph products, in addition to In-App Purchases (IAP) and traditional credit cards. Today, that means you can purchase additional Cloaked Email addresses, and add upgrades to your account using Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a new kind of money that is decentralized and not controlled by a single organization or government. You can send Bitcoins to other people and businesses around the globe without going through a bank. This means Bitcoin can be used in any country, and fees for sending the currency are very low.

Why did you decide to take Bitcoin?
Many of our users are privacy and security conscious folks and we have had requests for the company to take payment over Bitcoin since we launched Cloaked Email Pro. We also appreciate the following aspects of the Bitcoin currency:

  • Privacy – While Bitcoin was not designed for anonymity, it can be used in a way that abstracts transactions away from identity.
  • Security – Bitcoin uses mathematics to allow the network to create Bitcoins and validate transactions. The currency itself is not controlled by any particular institution.
  • Trust – You don’t need to trust anyone other than yourself and the person you’re sending money to. No one can get in the way of your transactions.

How do I pay Gliph with Bitcoin? Continue reading