Gliph Messaging for iOS gets Speed, New Delete Option and More in v1.41

Happy Holidays! We’ve got some merry improvements to the Gliph iOS app to share today, along with a brief retrospective on Gliph’s iOS mobile releases in 2012.

What’s New in Gliph for iOS 1.41
This new version of Gliph focuses on improving the overall experience in Gliph secure messaging:

  • Speed improvements in messaging. Messages send faster and conversations load more quickly.
  • Button to delete conversation all at once. You can now permanently delete an entire Gliph conversation using a single button. In a conversation view, tap on the other person’s Gliph in the title bar to see the Connection View. Scroll to the bottom and tap Clear Conversation. You’ll be asked for confirmation. NOTE: Use caution, this will permanently delete the conversation from both sides.
We also added some other improvements throughout the app:
  • Copy an image of your gliph Tap your gliph in top right of slide-in menu then tap and hold to copy and paste into an email or elsewhere.
  • Invite friends by email from your address book
  • Pull to refresh in conversation is smoother
  • Connections View loads faster
  • Numerous other subtle improvements

Gliph’s Mobile Releases in 2012
Our team is proud of its schedule of 15 iOS releases over the course of 2012, with our first on Valentines Day. We’d like to give special props to Joakim Fernstad and James Lawton for their efforts to build something great. Also, Ben Cerezo for his design and UX contributions. Much of our work was driven by forward work by Nick Asch working on the mobile web.

We updated our Android app three times this year, with an initial release and two maintenance releases. We have heard from our Android users that they want parity and we are hoping to bring that to them just as soon as possible. Thank you to Eric Butler for his initial work on Gliph for Android.

Here’s a complete iOS release history for 2012:

We’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.