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Introducing GliphMe, a New Way to Connect Online

The team is pleased to announce the release of GliphMe! GliphMe is a powerful little chat system that can replace email and SMS texting. It can save you time and be used to increase your privacy online.

GliphMe lets you create a web link that anyone can use to start chatting with you on your iPhone or Android. When someone clicks one of your links and sends you a message, you will be notified by the Gliph app. You can reply immediately wherever you are from your mobile device. Gliphme is useful in a variety of cases online, and you can learn more at GliphMe’s explanation page.

How GliphMe Works with ScreenshotsGliphMe Mobile Messaging Privacy Security Menu Item
Here’s how it works: You start by creating a new GliphMe link using the menu in the Gliph iPhone, Android or web app. GliphMe appears just below the Bitcoin option.

The first time you enter the GliphMe Management view, you will see you already have one link created automatically. This link is used for invitations you send from Gliph in the recently revised Connections View. You will also see that you have the option, Create new GliphMe link. Continue reading

Setting up a First Date Without Using a Phone Number

Getting a phone number from someone you’re interested in has been the crucial bridge between a first meeting and your hope of ever seeing them again. Over time, phone numbers have become mobile, stable (people change their numbers rarely), and offerered the strongest potential for immediate voice communication.

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In spite of their historical value, privacy considerations, cost, and availability of more flexible communication methods are weakening the position of phone numbers as the communication mode you are most likely to exchange with new acquaintances.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why exchanging phone numbers as a first contact method is declining and see why Gliph provides a great new alternative. Continue reading