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Delivering Privacy: Gliph Cloaked Email

We’re excited to announce a new privacy tool we’ve built into Gliph called Cloaked Email. Cloaked Email lets you send and receive email using your normal inbox while keeping your real email address a secret.

Click hear for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Cloaked Email

Please note: Cloaked Email does not encrypt your email. It hides your real email address from the other user and allows you to block email from unwanted senders.

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Introducing Gliph Message Deletion

Gliph is already a great way to send private and secure text messages. Starting today, we’re introducing the ability to permanently delete individual Gliph messages.

Deletion works according to these rules:

  • In any Gliph messaging conversation, either party may permanently delete individual messages at any time.
  • Deleted messages are permanently removed from Gliph.
  • There will be no indicators that a deleted message once existed.

Gliph now supports message deletion in its mobile web application and in the iPhone application (Gliph for iOS version 1.21+). For now, Android users should visit the mobile web app to delete messages.

Gliph Views Get Active in Version 1.2.1

We’re happy to announce the release of version 1.2.1 of the Gliph app for iPhone.  You can download the new version from the the App Store today.

Our previous release for iPhone, focused on additional privacy capabilities.  With 1.2.1, we’ve made shared personal information more accessible and useful.  Here’s how:

New Button in Conversation View
The Conversation view now has a button on the top right of the screen, “View Gliph.”

Previously, you had to go to the Connections tab and then find the contact and then tap on it to see the Gliph View.  Tapping View Gliph makes this much more convenient.

Improved Gliph View
You probably remember that Gliph protects your personal information (Facets) much more carefully than most companies.  Besides keeping both your data and your contacts’ data safe, we also want to make it useful.

The improved Gliph View now lets you take actions based on the personal information that other Gliph users share with you. Continue reading

Introducing Gliph App Version 1.2, Powerful Privacy for iPhone

Gliph is already a leader in the mobile space for providing users both a policy and user experience that truly protects their privacy.  The new Gliph iPhone app not only includes a refreshed interface, it takes privacy to a whole new level.  These changes are so big that they helped us win the Privacy, Identity, Innovation Conference (Pii2012 Seattle) Innovators Spotlight award two weeks ago.

You can download the Gliph iPhone App in the App Store in a moment, let’s get started!

Gliph app privacy lockdown privacy protection pin protection

 Application Access PIN

This is something we’ve wanted to provide since day one.  This feature allows you to add a four-digit PIN to the Gliph app.

Once you’ve turned the access PIN on, if you exit the app in any way (including putting the phone to sleep) you will have to enter your PIN in order to use the Gliph app again.

This means you have a new layer of protection for your private Gliph conversations and contact information.

We built this for the times when you lend your iPhone to someone to let them take a photo. Or for when you leave your phone at the table with your tipsy friends at the bar and they start poking around in your apps.

If you’re phone is unlocked, people may be able to mess with your Facebook profile or snoop your emails. But with this feature, you can be assured they won’t access your Gliph account in any way via the iPhone app. Continue reading