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Simplifying the Gliph Experience with Easier Connections

Our team is pleased to release some important updates to Gliph! After a series of Bitcoin-focused releases this summer, we’ve returned to improving the ease of use of Gliph. In this release, we’ve tackled this in two ways: reducing the number of steps necessary to connect with people and by combining similar functionality in the app.

Most of these updates can be seen in the iPhone and the Web. However, we’ve made some minor updates to the Android app to make it compatible with these other changes. Here are the detailed changes, in the new Gliph app for iOS: Continue reading

Instant Bitcoin Wallet Creation in Gliph for iPhone

Create a Bitcoin Wallet Instantly with Gliph for iPhoneToday we’re releasing version 1.5 of Gliph for iOS, which makes it easier than ever to get started and offers the world’s first instant Bitcoin wallet creation via Coinbase. Update: Gliph now also supports BIPS wallet.

In this new release we’ve made Gliph account creation and Bitcoin wallet creation an amazingly near-instantaneous experience.

Changes to Signup
We now streamline the Gliph signup process. The app automatically selects a gliph (username) for you, yet allows you to customize your gliph as an option if you want.

Previously, we forced every new person to immediately choose the Artifacts (symbols) for their gliph. While some folks picked up on the idea of building a gliph out of Artifacts, some found it confusing. Gliph has a lot of new ideas in it. This change represents a step toward streamlining the process of getting started using the Gliph identity platform.

Instant Bitcoin Wallet Creation
Another big change in 1.5 is the “instant” creation of Coinbase accounts. If you’ve never used Bitcoin before, you will be prepared to receive Bitcoin immediately after accepting Coinbase’s Terms of Service.

Gliph magically creates a Coinbase account using a free Gliph Cloaked Email address, offering you a strong level of privacy in your Bitcoin transactions.

We believe signing up for Gliph on iOS is now the fastest and easiest way to get started with a Bitcoin wallet on the planet earth.

We continue to believe that Bitcoin is a very important part of Gliph’s future and are making changes to pave the way for this now. The team is excited about the further integration of Bitcoin into Gliph’s core experience. Continue reading

Bitcoin Enhancements in Gliph for iPhone v1.48

Today, we’ve released a new version of Gliph for iOS that includes a variety of enhancements related to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is still fairly new, if you aren’t familiar with it at all, you may want to watch this. If you haven’t heard about Gliph’s recent addition of Bitcoin, you can read about it here, and watch a video of the iPhone app here.

Here are the new Bitcoin-related updates in v1.48:

  • The Bitcoin option in the menu now shows to all new users. We had a bug that was causing this to not be displayed without restarting the app.
  • You can now view the current exchange rate in the Send Bitcoin popover. It is based on the 24-hour MtGox weighted average.
  • Bitcoin payments now have a small Bitcoin symbol next to them. You can also tap on a Bitcoin payment in a conversation view and see it listed in the wallet view.
  • You can now detach a Coinbase wallet from Gliph. If you want to remove your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet from Gliph, use the trash can button in title bar of wallet view. Please note: if you intend to completely remove the connection we recommend you also visit Coinbase and remove Gliph’s access to the Wallet.
  • Wallet view now shows Gliphs of users from prior transactions. Previously Gliph showed Bitcoin transaction IDs.

We made a few other non-Bitcoin enhancements as well: Continue reading

Introducing Selective Push, Privacy Protection for Push Notifications

Have you ever felt the need to turn your phone upside down so people won’t read a message in a push notification?

Today, in an update for iPhone and Android, we’re allowing you to choose which conversations you want to show up in push and which should stay locked up for viewing in the app.

So far, Gliph has only allowed push notifications to say “Someone sent you a message.” With this update, you can now choose to show the tag of who is sending you a message, and if you want, the content of the message as well.

Unique to Gliph, you can make these changes on a per-contact basis, meaning for one contact in Gliph you can show message content or tag in the push notifications, and for another show nothing at all.

Let’s look at an example, where another Gliph user you’re connected with and have tagged “Erin” sends you the message “Hey, what are you up to tonight?” The following three examples show how a Gliph Message push notification will appear using different settings:


How to Enable Message Content in Push Notifications on Gliph
Turning on message content in push notifications is just two taps from any conversation. We made a short video explanation of how to set up message content to show in push notifications. Here are written instructions:  Continue reading

Gliph Messaging for iOS gets Speed, New Delete Option and More in v1.41

Happy Holidays! We’ve got some merry improvements to the Gliph iOS app to share today, along with a brief retrospective on Gliph’s iOS mobile releases in 2012.

What’s New in Gliph for iOS 1.41
This new version of Gliph focuses on improving the overall experience in Gliph secure messaging:

  • Speed improvements in messaging. Messages send faster and conversations load more quickly.
  • Button to delete conversation all at once. You can now permanently delete an entire Gliph conversation using a single button. In a conversation view, tap on the other person’s Gliph in the title bar to see the Connection View. Scroll to the bottom and tap Clear Conversation. You’ll be asked for confirmation. NOTE: Use caution, this will permanently delete the conversation from both sides.
We also added some other improvements throughout the app: Continue reading

Gliph Gets Message Expiration and Scheduled Message Delivery Options

schedule text message, message expiration appToday, we’ve released new messaging options for the Gliph iPhone and mobile web applications: Gliph message expiration and scheduled Gliph message delivery.

Both of these new message options appear in a new pop-over menu in the conversation view. This new menu also lets you attach images to your secure messages using Gliph secure picture messaging.

These two new options can be set without leaving the conversation view and offer greater control of how and when you communicate with other Gliph users.

Gliph Message Expiration
Sometimes, you know in advance that a message you’re about to send should be deleted after a certain period of time. For example, you may need to send a credit card number to a family member so they can order an airline ticket. Or you may need to send a photo to a friend for short-term viewing.

You could always do this safely with Gliph’s secure text messaging and real delete capability, but you had to remember to do it manually.

Set Text Message Expiration app secure delete

Gliph Message Expiration allows you to schedule a particular message for deletion at a particular time. You set the expiration time before hitting the Send button in a conversation. Once you’ve set a time for deletion, the Expiration menu item will be darkened with the color blue. You can remove expiration by hitting the minus button on minute, hour and day options until they are all zero again.

Once the expiration time occurs, the message is deleted from both sides of the conversation and the server completely. If the intended recipient does not read the message before it expires, they will never know its contentsThe expired message is not recoverable.

Gliph Message Scheduling (sent at particular time)
Schedule text message appThere are times when you want a message to be sent to another Gliph user after a given period of time. For example, maybe it is the middle of the night and you don’t want to risk waking the other person. Or perhaps they are somewhere quiet like school, church or a library where you aren’t sure their phone is silent. If you’re likely to forget to send the message later, Gliph message scheduling saves the day.

Gliph message scheduling lets you choose exactly when a particular message is to be sent to another Gliph user. You set this option using the same message options explained in the Gliph message expiration above.

Swipe and Release Message Options on iPhone
iMessage and other messaging applications typically require multiple taps to attach a photo to a message. The new Gliph iPhone app message options menu allows you to attach photos in a single swipe. Try it out: swipe up from the message option button, and release your swipe over the item you want.

This means you can go from the conversation view to taking a photo in just one swipe. You can also swipe your thumb or finger into the message scheduling and expiration options. Releasing your finger over a given option will allow you to carry out the task there.

For now, we recommend Android users use the mobile web app in order to try out these new features. We appreciate your patience in getting these into the native Android app.

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the Gliph iPhone and mobile web apps and would love to hear feedback on them. Please send a message to the Support Gliph or send us an email at

Introducing Gliph Secure Picture Messaging

iPhone 5 showing off Gliph Picture MessagingWe’re proud to announce the release of Gliph Picture Messaging. This upgrade to Gliph’s iPhone application and mobile website allow anyone with a Gliph account to send and receive free picture messages with other Gliph users.

There area lot of choices out there for Picture messaging so why use Gliph?

  1. Photo Data Security – Many parts of life are personal. If you send a private photo to a friend or family member, you should feel comfortable knowing absolutely no one else will have access to it. While that is great from a conceptual standpoint, it takes serious technology to provide people the highest assurance that their sensitive photo data is being handled responsibly.Two things stand out about how Gliph handles Picture Messaging. First, Gliph Picture Messaging uses the same military-grade data encryption technology that protects Facet information (personal data) and regular Gliph text messages. Second, we take care to remove EXIF data which can contain location, time and other revelatory information before it is sent through Gliph.
  2. Real Message Deletion – When you delete a picture message on Gliph it is deleted from your side, the recipient’s side and the server at the same time. You can remove past photos from conversations and as per our policy, they are permanently removed from Gliph.
  3. Hosted, Web-Friendly – The same technology that allows real message deletion means that you don’t have to use the iPhone app to send and receive picture messages. Drop your phone in a lake? Don’t worry about when you last did an iCloud backup, your data and photos are immediately available next time you log in.|
  4. Free! – There is no cost for this big improvement to Gliph Messaging.

How to Send Pictures and Photos on Gliph Continue reading

Introducing Gliph Browser Plugins for Privacy on Craigslist and More

Update 1/15/15: We’ve decided to retire these plugins. See this post for more information.

Today we’re unveiling the first versions of Gliph plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

These handy new extensions help you create and send new emails from your Cloaked Email addresses, and make adding privacy to Craigslist and other websites easy. If you aren’t familiar with Cloaked Email, take a moment to review this blog entry.

How to Install the Gliph Chrome Extension

Continue reading

Gliph iPhone App v1.21 – Cloaked Email, Improved Messaging

We are super-pumped to announce Gliph for iPhone,  v1.21. We put a lot of love into this release, delivering Cloaked Email, an improved conversation view and message deletion.

Cloaked Email
Cloaked Email is an amazing new way to protect your email address from marketers and data breaches. You can use it in place of your real email address on Craigslist and other websites. Read More…

New Conversation View UX
We’ve made some dramatic changes to Gliph messaging that we think you’re going to dig.

We started by removing the tab bar from the conversation view and moving the message entry box from the top to the bottom of the screen.  We also made it so the keyboard can be dismissed with a swipe-down motion.  Pretty cool, huh?

The design of the conversation bubbles has been updated, giving some color to the conversation.

Message Deletion / Recall
Ever accidentally sent a message to someone and wished you could get rid of it?  If you’re using Gliph, you can now permanently delete either your own or your conversation partner’s messages at any time.

In the iPhone app, simply swipe a message left-to-right and tap the Delete button.  This will permanently remove it from your device, completely delete it from the server and remove it from the other person’s device. Read More…

Login Help
You can now reset your password and get help remembering your Gliph from the iPhone app.  Not very glamorous but still important.

Introduction Slides
Gliph is a big new idea and we want the first experience on iPhone to be a good one.  We’ve created a short series of introductory slides that help explain how to get started with Gliph.  Normally, these are only viewable the first time you install the app, though if you’re curious you can view it in the Settings menu.

Ok, so what are you waiting for? Download the Gliph iPhone App Now.