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Cloaked Email and Craigslist: It’s Complicated

Craigslist’s newly implemented email relay service breaks proper delivery of Gliph Cloaked Email. This post explains what happened and how you can work around the issue.

What happened

Our team first debuted Cloaked Email on August 14th, 2012. We created the product in part due to our own frustration with how Craigslist handled email privacy. We performed a survey and found that we weren’t the only ones who felt this way.

Previously, when you created a Craigslist post, their system would protect your email address in the listing itself. However, if you replied to someone who had emailed you about the old stereo you were selling, it would reveal your email address.

Gliph Cloaked Email solved this problem by protecting your email address across both ways of the exchange. It also allowed you to do it directly from your own personal inbox.

Beginning in November, we noticed Craigslist began testing an “anonymized relay” aka “email-relay” that offered similar functionality to Cloaked Email. After some testing, we were able to prove that their new service did not interfere with Cloaked Email.

However, at some point this spring, without notice, Craigslist began blocking email sent using Gliph Cloaked Email addresses as it passed back through their relay service. Then the system moved from optional to required for all ad listings where email addresses are automatically included. Continue reading

Bitcoin Enhancements in Gliph for iPhone v1.48

Today, we’ve released a new version of Gliph for iOS that includes a variety of enhancements related to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is still fairly new, if you aren’t familiar with it at all, you may want to watch this. If you haven’t heard about Gliph’s recent addition of Bitcoin, you can read about it here, and watch a video of the iPhone app here.

Here are the new Bitcoin-related updates in v1.48:

  • The Bitcoin option in the menu now shows to all new users. We had a bug that was causing this to not be displayed without restarting the app.
  • You can now view the current exchange rate in the Send Bitcoin popover. It is based on the 24-hour MtGox weighted average.
  • Bitcoin payments now have a small Bitcoin symbol next to them. You can also tap on a Bitcoin payment in a conversation view and see it listed in the wallet view.
  • You can now detach a Coinbase wallet from Gliph. If you want to remove your Coinbase Bitcoin wallet from Gliph, use the trash can button in title bar of wallet view. Please note: if you intend to completely remove the connection we recommend you also visit Coinbase and remove Gliph’s access to the Wallet.
  • Wallet view now shows Gliphs of users from prior transactions. Previously Gliph showed Bitcoin transaction IDs.

We made a few other non-Bitcoin enhancements as well: Continue reading

Cloaked Email Updates: One-click Block, BCC Yourself, Lean Emails

Today we’re debuting some updates to Cloaked Email. All three changes are in direct response to feedback from people just like you. Remember to share your ideas and suggestions with us using the Support Gliph or by email at support at

One-click Block
You can now click a link at the bottom of any email received over one of your Cloaked Email addresses to stop receiving email from a particular address. This super-opt-out feature allows you to avoid many hoops that companies make you go through to get off their email list.

If you accidentally block a sender, or change your mind and want to unblock someone, you can still do so. Under Cloaked Email, choose the Cloak you want to edit the block list for and then tap the Edit button to Unblock a particular address.

Copy Yourself on Outgoing Cloaked Email
You can now send yourself a copy of an outgoing email sent over Cloaked Email. The Chrome and Firefox plugins have been updated with a “Send me a copy” item that will copy you on outgoing emails sent via Cloaked Email. Some people describe this as BCCing themselves.

This feature is also available in the Gliph Mobile Web client (, and will be a part of an upcoming release for iPhone. Here are some handy links to the Firefox and Chrome pages:

Lean Emails (Paid Feature)
We’ve added a new upgrade for Cloaked Email called Lean Emails. This paid option removes all promotional content from emails sent or received over Cloaked Email. We’ve added this in direct response to multiple requests for a paid option to remove Gliph company messaging from Cloaked Email.

This feature is currently for sale in the Gliph Web Store and will be a part of an upcoming release for iPhone in-app purchase.

Introducing Gliph Browser Plugins for Privacy on Craigslist and More

Update 1/15/15: We’ve decided to retire these plugins. See this post for more information.

Today we’re unveiling the first versions of Gliph plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

These handy new extensions help you create and send new emails from your Cloaked Email addresses, and make adding privacy to Craigslist and other websites easy. If you aren’t familiar with Cloaked Email, take a moment to review this blog entry.

How to Install the Gliph Chrome Extension

Continue reading