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New Gliph Facet: Bitcoin Wallet Address

Bitcoin Wallet Address Facet GliphWe’ve added a new Facet to Gliph accounts that lets you save and share a Bitcoin wallet address.

This means you can connect with another Gliph to discuss at transaction. If you decide to go through with it, you can use Gliph to securely share the wallet address.

New users signing up for Gliph will see “Bitcoin Address” in the list of Facets that may be bound. For existing users, you can now add a bitcoin address using the following steps:

On iPhone:
  1. In the Menu, choose Settings
  2. Tap the Edit button
  3. Scroll down to “Bind additional facets”
  4. Find “Bitcoin Address”

Cloaked Email Updates: One-click Block, BCC Yourself, Lean Emails

Today we’re debuting some updates to Cloaked Email. All three changes are in direct response to feedback from people just like you. Remember to share your ideas and suggestions with us using the Support Gliph or by email at support at

One-click Block
You can now click a link at the bottom of any email received over one of your Cloaked Email addresses to stop receiving email from a particular address. This super-opt-out feature allows you to avoid many hoops that companies make you go through to get off their email list.

If you accidentally block a sender, or change your mind and want to unblock someone, you can still do so. Under Cloaked Email, choose the Cloak you want to edit the block list for and then tap the Edit button to Unblock a particular address.

Copy Yourself on Outgoing Cloaked Email
You can now send yourself a copy of an outgoing email sent over Cloaked Email. The Chrome and Firefox plugins have been updated with a “Send me a copy” item that will copy you on outgoing emails sent via Cloaked Email. Some people describe this as BCCing themselves.

This feature is also available in the Gliph Mobile Web client (, and will be a part of an upcoming release for iPhone. Here are some handy links to the Firefox and Chrome pages:

Lean Emails (Paid Feature)
We’ve added a new upgrade for Cloaked Email called Lean Emails. This paid option removes all promotional content from emails sent or received over Cloaked Email. We’ve added this in direct response to multiple requests for a paid option to remove Gliph company messaging from Cloaked Email.

This feature is currently for sale in the Gliph Web Store and will be a part of an upcoming release for iPhone in-app purchase.

Using Gliph with Fluid App for Secure Desktop IM and Messaging on Mac OS X

Gliph mobile web app in os x doc secure

Did you know that you can securely chat with friends using Gliph messaging from your desktop computer?

This blog entry explains how you can combine Gliph for the web with Fluid app to have secure IM conversation with friends and family from your desktop Mac. This is handy if you’re stuck behind a computer at work while your friends or family are out in the world on their mobile devices.

Why use Gliph Mobile Web
Gliph’s mobile web client is one of the least recognized yet differentiating aspects of the product. There aren’t many secure messaging solutions with clients supporting Android, iOS and the web concurrently. While the mobile web is built for mobile web browsers, it also works great on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Unfortunately, like most web applications, it is easy to lose the Gliph web app among all the other browser windows that you have running. This is a bummer when you need to regularly switch back and forth between a Gliph messaging or Cloaked Email and your other desktop tasks.

Enter Fluid App. Fluid helps you turn web applications, (including Gmail and Pandora) into actual applications. It does this by creating a small instance of Safari and adding a fully executable binary to your Applications folder.  Here are some instructions on how to set up and configure Fluid app for Gliph: Continue reading

Gliph Gets Message Expiration and Scheduled Message Delivery Options

schedule text message, message expiration appToday, we’ve released new messaging options for the Gliph iPhone and mobile web applications: Gliph message expiration and scheduled Gliph message delivery.

Both of these new message options appear in a new pop-over menu in the conversation view. This new menu also lets you attach images to your secure messages using Gliph secure picture messaging.

These two new options can be set without leaving the conversation view and offer greater control of how and when you communicate with other Gliph users.

Gliph Message Expiration
Sometimes, you know in advance that a message you’re about to send should be deleted after a certain period of time. For example, you may need to send a credit card number to a family member so they can order an airline ticket. Or you may need to send a photo to a friend for short-term viewing.

You could always do this safely with Gliph’s secure text messaging and real delete capability, but you had to remember to do it manually.

Set Text Message Expiration app secure delete

Gliph Message Expiration allows you to schedule a particular message for deletion at a particular time. You set the expiration time before hitting the Send button in a conversation. Once you’ve set a time for deletion, the Expiration menu item will be darkened with the color blue. You can remove expiration by hitting the minus button on minute, hour and day options until they are all zero again.

Once the expiration time occurs, the message is deleted from both sides of the conversation and the server completely. If the intended recipient does not read the message before it expires, they will never know its contentsThe expired message is not recoverable.

Gliph Message Scheduling (sent at particular time)
Schedule text message appThere are times when you want a message to be sent to another Gliph user after a given period of time. For example, maybe it is the middle of the night and you don’t want to risk waking the other person. Or perhaps they are somewhere quiet like school, church or a library where you aren’t sure their phone is silent. If you’re likely to forget to send the message later, Gliph message scheduling saves the day.

Gliph message scheduling lets you choose exactly when a particular message is to be sent to another Gliph user. You set this option using the same message options explained in the Gliph message expiration above.

Swipe and Release Message Options on iPhone
iMessage and other messaging applications typically require multiple taps to attach a photo to a message. The new Gliph iPhone app message options menu allows you to attach photos in a single swipe. Try it out: swipe up from the message option button, and release your swipe over the item you want.

This means you can go from the conversation view to taking a photo in just one swipe. You can also swipe your thumb or finger into the message scheduling and expiration options. Releasing your finger over a given option will allow you to carry out the task there.

For now, we recommend Android users use the mobile web app in order to try out these new features. We appreciate your patience in getting these into the native Android app.

We hope you enjoy these new additions to the Gliph iPhone and mobile web apps and would love to hear feedback on them. Please send a message to the Support Gliph or send us an email at

Introducing Gliph Secure Picture Messaging

iPhone 5 showing off Gliph Picture MessagingWe’re proud to announce the release of Gliph Picture Messaging. This upgrade to Gliph’s iPhone application and mobile website allow anyone with a Gliph account to send and receive free picture messages with other Gliph users.

There area lot of choices out there for Picture messaging so why use Gliph?

  1. Photo Data Security – Many parts of life are personal. If you send a private photo to a friend or family member, you should feel comfortable knowing absolutely no one else will have access to it. While that is great from a conceptual standpoint, it takes serious technology to provide people the highest assurance that their sensitive photo data is being handled responsibly.Two things stand out about how Gliph handles Picture Messaging. First, Gliph Picture Messaging uses the same military-grade data encryption technology that protects Facet information (personal data) and regular Gliph text messages. Second, we take care to remove EXIF data which can contain location, time and other revelatory information before it is sent through Gliph.
  2. Real Message Deletion – When you delete a picture message on Gliph it is deleted from your side, the recipient’s side and the server at the same time. You can remove past photos from conversations and as per our policy, they are permanently removed from Gliph.
  3. Hosted, Web-Friendly – The same technology that allows real message deletion means that you don’t have to use the iPhone app to send and receive picture messages. Drop your phone in a lake? Don’t worry about when you last did an iCloud backup, your data and photos are immediately available next time you log in.|
  4. Free! – There is no cost for this big improvement to Gliph Messaging.

How to Send Pictures and Photos on Gliph Continue reading

Knight Foundation Selects Gliph as Semi-finalist for News Challenge: Mobile

Gliph Selected by Knight Foundation for Semi-finalsWe’re pleased to share that the Knight Foundation has selected Gliph’s Secure Communication Tools for Investigative Journalists project as a semi-finalist in News Challenge: Mobile.

Gliph’s proposal is to build a mobile app for secure communication between journalists and their sources. The project lets investigative journalists easily exchange cryptography keys with someone during an in-person meeting, then protect continued text communication using client-side encryption.

You can read additional details of the proposal on Knight’s website.

The benefit of this project is increased trust between journalists and sources. It gives them a simple and secure way to share sensitive information discretely. The reason this would be awesome for journalists is that Continue reading

Gliph iPhone App v1.21 – Cloaked Email, Improved Messaging

We are super-pumped to announce Gliph for iPhone,  v1.21. We put a lot of love into this release, delivering Cloaked Email, an improved conversation view and message deletion.

Cloaked Email
Cloaked Email is an amazing new way to protect your email address from marketers and data breaches. You can use it in place of your real email address on Craigslist and other websites. Read More…

New Conversation View UX
We’ve made some dramatic changes to Gliph messaging that we think you’re going to dig.

We started by removing the tab bar from the conversation view and moving the message entry box from the top to the bottom of the screen.  We also made it so the keyboard can be dismissed with a swipe-down motion.  Pretty cool, huh?

The design of the conversation bubbles has been updated, giving some color to the conversation.

Message Deletion / Recall
Ever accidentally sent a message to someone and wished you could get rid of it?  If you’re using Gliph, you can now permanently delete either your own or your conversation partner’s messages at any time.

In the iPhone app, simply swipe a message left-to-right and tap the Delete button.  This will permanently remove it from your device, completely delete it from the server and remove it from the other person’s device. Read More…

Login Help
You can now reset your password and get help remembering your Gliph from the iPhone app.  Not very glamorous but still important.

Introduction Slides
Gliph is a big new idea and we want the first experience on iPhone to be a good one.  We’ve created a short series of introductory slides that help explain how to get started with Gliph.  Normally, these are only viewable the first time you install the app, though if you’re curious you can view it in the Settings menu.

Ok, so what are you waiting for? Download the Gliph iPhone App Now.

Delivering Privacy: Gliph Cloaked Email

We’re excited to announce a new privacy tool we’ve built into Gliph called Cloaked Email. Cloaked Email lets you send and receive email using your normal inbox while keeping your real email address a secret.

Click hear for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Cloaked Email

Please note: Cloaked Email does not encrypt your email. It hides your real email address from the other user and allows you to block email from unwanted senders.

Continue reading

Introducing Gliph Message Deletion

Gliph is already a great way to send private and secure text messages. Starting today, we’re introducing the ability to permanently delete individual Gliph messages.

Deletion works according to these rules:

  • In any Gliph messaging conversation, either party may permanently delete individual messages at any time.
  • Deleted messages are permanently removed from Gliph.
  • There will be no indicators that a deleted message once existed.

Gliph now supports message deletion in its mobile web application and in the iPhone application (Gliph for iOS version 1.21+). For now, Android users should visit the mobile web app to delete messages.